PXG Xtreme Golf Ball Review: "A superb first entry into the golf ball market"

PXG is going after the big boys in the golf ball market, and it has every chance with the Xtreme.

PXG Xtreme Golf Ball Review
PXG Xtreme Golf Ball Review
Impressive all-round performance; it holds up very well to faster swing speeds; pleasing spin rates off the tee; lots of good height with the scoring clubs; side stamp line aids terrific alignment on the greens
Quite a 'smacky' feel about it off the tee, on chip shots and putting

PXG Xtreme Golf Ball - Key Features

  • High C.O.R. polybutadiene core: created for high-speed performance
  • Firm ionomer mantle layer: engineered to increase speed and distance off the tee
  • Soft urethane bright white outer cover: maximizes spin and control for approach shots and around the green with good durability
  • 338 dimple pattern: delivers a high penetrating trajectory

PXG have been breaking the norm in the golf industry for the last 10 years. From premium clubs to extremely cheap products, PXG are known for constantly changing the boundaries. 

But now they've rolled out a golf ball

The PXG Xtreme golf ball is a 3-piece 338 dimple pattern product that is said to rival the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

The compression of this golf ball is 108, which is right between those two Tour-leading golf balls, so the PXG Xtreme ball provides us with a great test out on the course and practice studio. 

Want to know more about dimples and compression? Here's all you need to know on that front. 

Now PXG is said to want to "disrupt" the market with this golf ball that is widely available in store, on the PXG website and soon, Amazon.

But is it actually any good? 

Well after recent in-depth testing sessions both on the course and in the practice studio, we were left somewhat surprised by what PXG has created here.

Player Level

This golf ball can be used by players of all abilities. Players who enjoy a slightly harder feeling golf ball off the tee and on the greens will likely enjoy this the most. 

As always, our very own Equipment Editor Alex Lodge uncovers the truth about the new PXG Xtreme golf ball in our latest video review below: 


For a brand that is fairly loud with its marketing, or at least has been down the years, PXG has reigned things back with its packaging of the Xtreme golf balls with a neat black box and sleeves. For a first golf ball entry, it has a sort of 'top secret' look about it, and we love that.

The only thing fairly naughty about it is the fact the ball has been spelt with an X.

Out the box, and the balls look amazing and feel great in the hand. They certainly don't look out of place with other Tour-leading golf balls such as the Pro V1, Pro V1x, TP5 and Chrome Soft. 

We'll have full reviews of the brand new Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls soon, but for now, here's all you need to know about those following their recent release on the PGA Tour

But back to the PXG Xtreme golf ball, as that's why you're here, and in terms of what's splashed on the golf ball itself, it's pretty neat to be fair. 

It's got a fairly quiet look with the PXG logo on the front and a rather funky alignment line on the side, similar to the Vice Pro Plus golf ball. It's not off-putting in any way, and we really like that. 


To test out the feel and performance of this golf ball, Alex went through the bag to learn more about its best and worst features. 

Off the tee, Alex noted an immediate 'smack' sound with the driver.

While it feels very much like a Tour golf ball, it is by no means as soft as something like the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball.

It just possesses a harder 'smack' and you can hear that in the sound at impact. It's quite a metallic thud, so it's quite a big difference when against other premium golf balls on the market for 2023. 

One major positive to note though with the performance of this golf ball, especially off the tee, is that it holds up very well to faster swing speeds. 

Alex noted during his testing that the spin was a tad higher than a Titleist Pro V1 but only by about 50 to 100 RPM. 

He was still ripping drives straight down the middle on a regular basis during his testing and well over 320 yards. This ball holds its line nicely off the tee, and we tip our cap to the designers here. 

But where this golf ball excels even further is with the irons, especially from that 150 to 175-yard mark. 

Alex was getting the benefits of both Pro V1 and Pro V1x with lots of good height on his shots with the Xtreme golf ball.

He also noted that spin was not climbing much at all, and the descent angle of his iron shots were only a tad higher than a Pro V1. 

Overall, Alex noted terrific distance control with the PXG Xtreme with his irons. 

Down into the shorter irons and Alex felt the ball was far less 'smacky', so this was much more pleasing in terms of overall feel.

It's still not soft, but it's a nicer feel for sure in this area of the bag. 

Hitting chip shots down by the green, and Alex was once again pleased with the golf ball's performance.

The only difference compared to other leading golf balls though was the feel off the face. It's just once again quite 'smacky' and a harder sound in general. 

The Pro V1 and Pro V1x, for example, are much more 'clickier' golf balls when it comes to feel with the wedges, and just that little bit more pleasing to strike it must be said. But then again, Pro V1 golf balls have been around for years, and the Xtreme is only just getting started. 

Alex noted roughly one to two yards less roll out than a Pro V1 on the green with his chip shots using the Xtreme ball. 

Off the putter face, and Alex still received a dull feel. He explained how it doesn't ever feel like you are hitting the sweet spot of the putter.

However, Alex loves the side stamp as it aided terrific alignment on his putts, so that was the biggest positive for him on the dancefloor. 

It should be noted, however, that short game feel is very much a personal preference at the end of the day.

While Alex prefers the feel of a 'clickier' ball around and on the greens, some of you may prefer a slightly harder feel both off the tee and around the greens. 

Having bashed this golf ball for a fair while now, we can also report very good durability with the Xtreme, which should always be a notable though before it comes to purchasing a golf ball, especially during a cost of living crisis. 

Should you buy the PXG Xtreme golf ball? 

A great first introduction to the golf ball market for PXG, and something of a surprise to us we must admit. 

This is a very good Tour-level golf ball with terrific overall performance and consistent shot data through the bag. 

As we have mentioned throughout this review, the feel is much harder than a Pro V1, Pro V1x and Chrome Soft. It's got quite a 'smacky' feel about it just about all the way through the bag, with the exception of the irons. 

In terms of overall performance, we would have to put this ball right up there with a Callaway Chrome Soft, which is very high praise. That ball is just much softer than the Extreme, that's the only difference when it comes to feel. 

One thing is most definitely certain and that is the Xtreme has got PXG well and truly on the map when it comes to golf balls. 

We highly recommend every golfer on the planet checks this golf ball out when they get a chance and to see if feels right for them. 

It will be very interesting to see if any of the PXG staff players on Tour end up putting this golf ball in their bags. 

We'll be considering it for sure. 

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