Review: Benderstik swing training aid

We test out one of the newest practice golfing gizmos on the market

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By Ed Greenland on Fri, 31 May 2013 - 03:05

Review: Benderstik swing training aid

Benderstik uses a simplistic metal bendy adjustable rod and a foamy ball to surprisingly great effect.

Recognised by the PGA of America as one of America's greatest teachers, the designer Mike Bender has instructed golfers of all skill levels and now wants to see the product brought to the UK.

The to a quality swing is consistency - that's why he developed the Benderstik, to eliminate bad habits you pick up in your game as well as using the concept of muscle memory to sustain a consistent swing.

When I used it, swinging with your head resting against a yellow foam ball at first felt awkward but I realised it improved my balance extremely effectively.

Whether using it to reduce hip movement on the backswing or keeping your head still during a full swing, the Benderstik can assist you in all areas.

For the most effective results I suggest you get a friend to film your swing before, during, and after using Benderstik to analyse your improvement or areas you still need to work on.

At £65 it is quite pricey but as a long term investment which will surely help lower your handicap, it could be good value for money.

However, using it on your own can be a hassle. For instance, setting it up to measure the top of the swing was a hard challenge for two of us testing it out, let alone someone practising on their own.


If you're willing to pay the relatively pricey sum of £65 for this item, I'd suggest it's worth the purchase as long as you use it on a regular basis.