The ultimate windstopper from Galvin Green

Burns jacket highlights Galvin Green

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Andy Roberts
Fri, 31 May 2013

The ultimate windstopper from Galvin Green

The Burns jacket forms part of Galvin Green’s innovative WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell lightweight range that introduces outstanding technology and fabric design to give golfers warmth, breathability and ultimate comfort in cold and windy conditions.   

The brand’s latest WINDSTOPPER technology – applied to nine different garments and accessories in its new range – incorporates outstanding thermal insulation properties that keep the body at the optimum performance temperature throughout time on the windiest of golf courses.

In terms of protecting the golfer from windchill, the Burns WINDSTOPPER is the ultimate garment. It alone is the equivalent of wearing five or six sweaters at the same time – so there is never any danger of getting too cold.

The fabric used in manufacturing the jacket consists of a patented micro-porous membrane which makes the garment completely wind proof, yet breathable at the same time by evaporating any moisture that may build up.

“Players don’t appreciate the amount of moisture they generate during the average round, particularly if they expend more energy than usual in confronting a strong head wind off the tee,” said Galvin Green's chief designer Mats Lundqvist.

“It can equate to 1.5 litres of water vapour needing to pass through a garment in condensed form, so it must be extremely breathable to cope with such a level of moisture vapour.

“When you think how much golf is played in windy conditions, it makes the need for a WINDSTOPPER® even more obvious and the modern version can be worn all day, not just on the course,” adds Mats.

The Burns comes in a choice of five eye-catching colour combinations – plum/black/white, black/green/white, black/brilliant blue/white, black/gunmetal/white and white/black/flame – from sizes S-3XL at RRP £159.

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