Review: Bettinardi Queen B Model 5

We take a look at the ladies' putter from Bettinardi

Review: Bettinardi Queen B Model 5

PUTTER DESIGNER Robert Bettinardi decided to add something different to his usual lines this year in the shape of the Queen B putter.

The story goes that his wife, Ann, kept on telling him that there should be a putter designed purely for women. The irony is that this putter, designed for the lady-golfer, is as popular among men as it is women.

This ladies' putter is not what we are used to seeing. There isn’t a pink grip, or a pink alignment line or, come to think of it, any pink at all. Refreshingly, Bettinardi has developed a putter which isn't marketed at the caricature of a lady golfer but which actually concentrates on performance…shocking!

But that is not to say that this putter doesn’t look great – far from it. Essentially it has a look of a classic blade but it’s a bit wider that what you would be expect. It also has a thicker top-line than a traditional blade which gives it a boxier look overall.

This wider profile means the putter sits comfortably behind the ball at address. A simple line on the top of the putter works as an alignment aid which allows you to square up the club easily.

In addition to this, the flanges on the outside of the club work to frame the ball which points out to the user where the sweet spot of the club is – now all you have to do is strike it properly!

It has a cashmere PVD finish and the bronze colour is very appealing. Pictures of bees feature on the face and the bottom of the putter but it never becomes over-bearing. The white grip contrasts nicely.

The Queen B, made from soft carbon steel, provides a fantastic feel. It gives a crisp, warm feel when struck out of the middle and it is accompanied with a jaunty ‘click’ sound.

The putter incorporates a Micro Honeycomb Face which decreases the diameter of the face. Whether this makes any difference or not is hard to tell but the ball rolls true, that’s for sure.

Perimeter weighting gives this putter a well-balanced feel. It weighs 360 grams which is on the heavy side for a women’s putter the extra pounds encourages a smooth, pendulum-like stroke.


A putter for women free of frivolous gimmicks. This is a well-balanced putter which has a great feel. It’s simple to line up and looks fantastic. 

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