Review: Cleveland Classic Hybrid

Does the Cleveland Classic Hybrid live up to the Mashie line? Find out here...

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Wed, 26 Jun 2013

Cleveland Classic hybrid features the brand's third generation Gliderail sole technology, previously seen on the Mashine lie. The purpose is to diminish turf drag, and Cleveland testing found that the new design moves through the turf while losing less speed than last year's sole.

On first looks, I noticed an old school appearance that is both subtle and clean. There is a nice sleek contrast between shiny black head and brushed-metal silver face. It doesn’t try to be a fairway wood like some of the other hybrids I've picked up this year. It's by far one of the most visually impressive hybrids on the market.

The small dot in the middle of the crown acts as a decent enough alignment aid. 

In terms of feel, the Classic is also one of the best feeling hybrids out there thanks to its sweet feel at impact. I enjoyed a good sense of ball compression, a solid 'crack' sound and general feel of just being able to glide through the swing.

The Matrix OZIK X-Con shaft also provides a stable feel while promoting a high-launch, low-spin flight. Effortless.

Performance-wise, this bat is up there in the distance and ball striking stakes. Solid accuracy and desired mid-to-high ball flight is all very pleasing on the eye, as too, an abundance of forgiveness on off-centre blows. Hard to fault.


A very solid alternative to the 2 or 3-iron. The Classic delivers above-average distance and promotes higher launch and a more penetrating flight than many of the other hybrids out there this season. I also like the nice and compact look and the fact it's generally just very easy to hit airborne.

Pro Verdict (PGA pro Grant Guerin)

Not the most forgiving hybrid I’ve ever played but well struck shots were rewarded with good accuracy. Probably a lower ball flight than ideal but still much easier than a long iron and that is the idea of the hybrid after all.

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