Review: Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver

We take the new big stick from the charismatic brand out for a spin

Review: Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver

WHEN Cobra released the Bio Cell driver we were impressed but we thought that with a few tweaks it could become one of the best drivers on the market – then came the Bio Cell+.

Over the years, Cobra’s stock has been steadily rising and it has now earned its place at the top table with the big wigs of golf.

The brand can be accused of being more concerned with appearance rather than performance and in true Cobra style, this club will not go unnoticed.

For starters, it comes in five different colours which I think is a nice touch – I mean, why not? It offers a slightly more personalised big stick and stops people not liking a driver because of its colour. It’s something I’m surprised more manufacturers don’t provide.

The headshape is slightly more rounded than I’m used to which actually increased my confidence as it made the clubhead seem quite large.

It looks incredibly chic as you look down on it, with the black face providing an attractive contrast with the colourful crown (providing you don't choose black of course). The Cobra logo employed as an alignment aid is also a nice touch.

But enough about appearance, what about the most important thing – performance. The first thing I noticed is that the club is very forgiving as the first shot I hit came slightly off the toe but flew like I’d got it right out of the middle.

The reason for this is that Cobra has used new Bio Cell pockets with E9 face technology which removes weight from the face, making a huge sweet spot. It allows you to stand over the ball and really swing at it, knowing that if you don’t get it just right then you will still get some good change out of the driver.

In length terms, it does go a long way but it’s not the longest out there. However, while it may be five or ten yards short of the longest drivers out there, in terms of a forgiving driver it is the longest I have used.

Forgiving + long = winner.

In conjunction with this, the Bio Cell+ is one of those drivers which has you taking it out of the bag time and time again due to its feel.

It’s a nicely weighted big stick which aids a smooth tempo and the feel is exactly what I am looking for. It has a soft, sweet feel but it lets you know you’re striking a golf ball and it's not so soft you lose confidence to work the ball.  

The Bio Cell+ produces a naturally penetrating ball flight, and for someone who plays with a high ball flight, this was important to me.

There are also eight adjustable loft settings so you can tinker with the driver in order to maximise your distance and it’s extremely easy to do so.


If you have ignored Cobra in the past, now is the time to stop as this is one of the best drivers on the market today.

It’s forgiving and long which are the most important attributes in a driver. In conjunction to this, it produces a nice feel and is a well-balanced club. 

RRP £299

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