Review: Mizuno MP-T4

What do we make of the latest Mizuno wedge?

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Wed, 11 Sep 2013
Review: Mizuno MP-T4

MIZUNO MP-T4 packs the brand's advantages of Grain Glow Forged feel and distance control all into a soft edged, re-worked teardrop profile.

According to Mizuno, feedback from both European and PGA Tour led Mizuno's R&D department to create a sole grind with softer edges.

The teardrop profile of the MP-T4 has been modified to become more rounded and less punishing on turf interaction. Although overall sole relief has been retained, the absence of defined edges allows the MP-T4 to pass through the turf in a much more consistent fashion.

A full length slot to the back of the MP-T4 allows mass to be moved both into the sole and upper portion of the blade. This, from my recent experience with it at Bearwood Lakes, creates a clubhead that pinches the ball easily off the turf, without ballooning in flight.

Placing clubhead into palm of hand and there's a relatively thick topline on offer but it’s by no means off-putting. The back of the club is neat without being glitzy, as the black line of the Quad Cut Grooves runs through the middle.

As with the MP iron line, MP-T4 wedges are Grain Flow Forged at Mizuno's exclusive Hiroshima facility and can be custom assembled to match a prescribed specification. Two finishes are now available with a soft Black Nickel and more durable White Satin chrome plate.

The new darkened design is the newest finish to the MP-T4 line and is currently in the bag of Mizuno staffers Luke Donald, Chris Wood and Marcel Siem. It's essentially a 'Raw Black' variation that wears and rusts  It also leaves the grooves exposed (chrome can round them off a touch) for the most spin possible. 

As the brand keeps reminding us, ‘nothing feels like a Mizuno’, and that's exactly what you get from this single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet. Balls stick to the face at impact and there’s a good sense of balance to the Spinner shaft. A little too head heavy, though.

Performance-wise, the MP-T4 wedge generates solid turf interaction as the grooves cut through the grass. The Quad Cut Groove concept feels suitable for those full 100-yard shots and helps compress the ball much better than some of the other market-leading wedges out there.

If there's one criticism it's that this wedge is a little clicky in terms of sound at impact. Then again that's just more of a personal preference.

Spin rate is pleasing with an average of 8,000 rpm with the 52-degree and around the 8,700 mark with the 56-degree. On full shots with the 52-degree, I was carrying the ball 108 yards and stopping it within several yards. The wedge also splashed balls out the greenside trap with relative ease and plenty of backspin.

Mizuno is now also offering custom shaping on all of its Grain Flow Forged MP wedge lines. Players can choose up to six characters in one of 12 different colours and personalise their MP-T4 or MP-R12 wedge only.


Classic looks, terrific feel and strong performance. At the top end of the wedge market.

Pro Verdict (Tom Hayward; Jamega Tour pro)

Big fan of this. I love the teardrop finish and the fact it produces very consistent yardages. I’d like to see a little higher spin rate than my current 9,000 rpm with the 56-degree but it's certainly above average.

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