Review: Pinnacle Golf Bling

New Pinnacle Bling delivers long distance and soft feel on all shots in vibrant colours

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Andy Roberts
Thu, 25 Oct 2012
Review: Pinnacle Golf Bling

Golfers who depend on the powerful distance and sharp short-game control of golf balls now have the chance to stand out from the crowd by teeing up a brighter, bolder style of the new Pinnacle Bling.

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THE last time I sported Bling on the dancefloor was several months ago at a fancy dress party.

So although I’d never teed up Pinnacle or High Optix colours before, I was somewhat familiar with the company’s new offering as soon as I got down to assess my first putt of the day.

While it’s fair to say these balls won’t be finding a permanent place in my bag next season - since I prefer using traditional white - they offered me everything I could wish for in a golf ball: powerful distance, great feel and terrific short game control.

These attributes come to fruition as the Bling utilises a large, high-velocity soft compression core and soft ionomer cover blend that generates exceptional distance with the driver and a soft finesse around the greens.

It may have taken a few holes to get used to playing with different colours, but the Bling - particularly in yellow - did have a distinct advantage on a cold, dark Sunday afternoon in that I could trace the ball easily through the sky and find it quickly should it fall in the rough.

And at RRP £14 for a dozen, the balls represent excellent value for money.

The balls also feature a new 332 spherical icosahedral dimple design in seven different sizes and are available in four assorted colours of orange (in No.1), yellow (2), pink (3) and violet (4).


The Pinnacle Bling has been engineered with a golfer’s passion in mind. If you like being a little flashy, crave modern technology and want excellent value in a golf ball, you needn’t look further than the Pinnacle Bling.

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