Review: PUMA Golf Monolite PL shoe

What's to like about the spikeless PUMA shoe?

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Wed, 26 Mar 2014

Review: PUMA Golf Monolite PL shoe

If you're looking for a golf shoe that is sleek, lightweight and comfortable this season, look no further than the PUMA Monolite PL.

Available for less than a £100, the Monolite shoe is made from a full grain leather upper and features a lightweight EVA midsole that supports the arch of the foot yet still allows the natural movement of the fore foot and heel.

There are some terrific strides on the market right now, most of which I've been fortunate to test out, but with the PUMA Monolite PL I've finally found one that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to looks, weight and performance.

My one real criticism when playing in spikeless shoes - certainly before summer months - is balance and stability through impact. With this PUMA Monolite PL spikeless shoe, I could completely forget about being Bambi on ice, much to do with the carbon rubber outsole featuring PUMA's patented SmartQuill lugs.

These lugs, while incredibly small, offered me exceptional traction out the course and an ideal low-to-the-ground ride that I thought was perfect for shots played around the green and out the sand.

Comfort and cushioning is achieved through a super-lightweight compression moulded EVA midsole, while EverFoam technology, at the back of the shoe, presents a special slow recovery memory foam that is strategically positioned for a fit that adjusts to the contours of the foot.

I can guarantee after the round, you won't want to take these shoes off. My feet felt incredibly fresh and ready to go for another 18. When I did decide to take them off before entering the 19th, I noticed a rather friendly looking heel tab that ensured a simple on-off fit.

Talking of the heel, there's additional support and stability at the back of the foot thanks to an external EVA heel counter that is integrated with a lightweight midsole.

Yes Andy, that's all well and good, but is this baby waterproof? Yup. Sure is. I played the last five holes of my round in torrential downpours and was able to stride home with extremely dry feet. These shoes come with a one-year waterproof guarantee so there are no problems on that front.

And when it comes to looks, I just love the distinctive PUMA side pattern and they fit perfectly with my new PUMA Golf apparel. They remind me a little of my first pair of PUMA football boots as a kid, but obviously in a fresh, new golf footwear design. They also come with white or grey laces, of which I'm currently favouring the latter.


PUMA Monolite PL is well worth a look if you're in the market for a sleek pair of golf shoes that offer incredibly lightweight construction and tremendous spikeless versatility. A perfect spikeless shoe for summer golf that will certainly be on my feet for the duration of the season.