Review: Supersteel 3-Wood

The new Supersteel metal wood on test

Review: Supersteel 3-Wood

After years of struggling to hit a driver, I now resort to hitting a three wood more often than not off the tee for extra safety. And after testing a Taylor made Supersteel 3-wood I have found a new friend I call Andrex! Let me just say that this new 3-wood I have in my bag is Soft, strong and very, very long! Review: Supersteel 3-Wood

The feel is akin to a forged iron, the material it is made from is state of the art, the bubble shaft I am sure yards to my shots and I now have no need for a driver. Basically, I love it! Just a shame about the colour! But you get used to it when you start out-driving your playing partners with your three-wood!

Taylor Made's new SuperSteel range of woods have been developed with one of the strongest performance steel materials, which allows for better weight distribution and a thinner clubface for a responsive feel which the manufacturers state creates maximum ball velocity and distance.

The new steel is 20% stronger than normal stainless steel used in club making and has similar properties to Titanium. That enables the club to be cast bigger and have more perimeter weighting for those off centre strikes to go where you intended. Coupled with a new scoreline pattern on the face and a huge variety of shafting options, it all adds up to a very forgiving wood.

When I first tried it, I caught everything out of the heel, still fairly long and straight but then I nailed it. A ball-print in the middle of the clubface and a two piece driving range ball disappearing into orbit confirmed that I didn't need a driver if I could hit a three wood this well.

When I took it out in the heat of battle in the monthly medal, it didn't let me down. This club is so easy to hit; it flies high, long and straight and is easy to hit off the deck too. A perfect all rounder and now "Andrex" is a regular feature in my bag.

And at £179 for the bubble-shafted version and £139 for the steel shaft, it is competitively priced.

Price and availability

RRP: £179 (Bubble

£139 (Steel)

Shaft options: L60, M70, R80, S90, and TS100

Loft options: Driver Right Hand: 9.5, 10.5, 12

Driver Left Hand: 9.5, 10.5

Fairway Woods: #3 #5

Ladies: 9.5, 10.5, 12

Fairway Woods #3 #5

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