Review: Swash by Lynx Isis putter

Lynx has teamed up with 'The Putting Doctor' but do we prescribe this putter?

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Wed, 4 Jun 2014
Review: Swash by Lynx Isis putter

SWASH BY LYNX comprises a collection of four models, all featuring brand new alignment designs and ball roll technology developed by the short-game guru, Harold Swash, known affectionately around the world as ‘The Putting Doctor’.

All the putters feature the new Pyramid Groove Design (PGD) – a unique trapezoid shape milled into the gold coloured aluminium face insert where a central section of horizontal grooves is met by two sets of side grooves running at 60-degree angles.

With three years in design and testing, the revolutionary pattern combats the ‘gear effect’ on off-centre strikes – where impact towards the toe of the putter causes putts to finish short right and impact towards the heel causes putts to finish short left.

For this review, we're looking at the Isis model...


Not the sexiest looking blade I've ever seen but there are certainly no glare issues to worry about with the matte black finish. Neat 3mm wide gold alignment stripe that runs the length of the face aided me with solid accuracy, particularly working in tangent with the new PGD behind it. Centred shaft position is not for me but it does place the swing axis closer to the ball. I know this is a feel many golfers out there prefer as it helps to elicit extra control.


A little hot off the face but by no means uncontrollable. Large gold grip felt comfortable and helped reduce my hand action through impact, particularly on the short, must-make putts. I found sound off the face was relatively muted, however, and didn't receive a great deal of feedback.


A nice, consistent roll off the face from inside ten-feet. Relatively easy to align and bury the short putts but controlling distance from outside of 20-feet was a little tougher, with few putts finishing short of the hole. Despite my dislike of the centred shaft - more a personal preference than anything - I couldn't fault the accuracy. If I pulled or pushed a putt, from close range at least, it was more a bad stroke than anything.


Great to see Lynx moving in the right direction this season, particularly working alongside putting guru Harold Swash. This blade putter might not be for everyone out there but for £99 - half the price of a premium Odyssey putter - this is well worth a look. The new alignment aids are a nice touch as they quite clearly help the golfer keep the putter head square at address and through impact, as well as ensure the golfer’s eyes stay directly over the ball – one of Harold’s key coaching principles for over 40 years.