SkyCaddie Touch GPS review

What do we make of the new Touch from SkyCaddie?

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Tue, 24 Mar 2015

SkyCaddie Touch GPS review

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Name: SkyCaddie Touch handheld 
Weight: 68 g
Dimensions: 10.1 x 5.8 x 1.8 cm
Touchscreen: Yes
Battery life: Up to 14 hours
Course maps: Pre-loaded with 35,000 TrueGround course maps
Colours: Black
RRP: £330

Key features

  • Precise yardages - dynamic distances to any point on the course
  • TrueGround target list - fairway target and layup target approaching the green
  • IntelliGreen Pro technology - provides distances to large contours and features of the green which may change which club you select and how you play your approach. SkyCaddie is currently working on IntelliGreen Pro.
  • Bluetooth enabled - use the complementary SkyGolf Mobile App (iOS and Android) to analyse your round and look at areas which need improvement

Ease of use

Without doubt the easiest-to-use handheld in our GPS test aided by its stunning graphics and easy-to-read, glove-friendly touchscreen.

We would also recommend downloading SkyCaddie's new onDemand HD map that provides an even clearer look of the course. The onDemand feature will keep the course maps on your Touch device up to date with the latest changes measured by SkyCaddie's mappers, who walk each course in the database.

The size of the device may divide opinion, but it fits nicely in the palm of the hand and can also be clipped onto your belt or golf bag in between shots. 

Best features

There are endless features to the SkyCaddie Touch, such as traditional yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, but our favourite is the "Intelligent Automation" that provides the user with a buttonless experience from the parking lot to the 19th hole.

"Intelligent Automation" not only loads your course automatically before you reach the first tee, but advances you to the next hole once you have drained that three-pointer, gives you your preferred view of the hole along the way, and even shows you the depth of the green from your angle of approach. It is remarkably clever. 

Another neat feature is the "Interactive HoleVue" with patented "Auto Zoom". Using a simple tap of the screen, you can measure to any point on the hole to see what lies ahead of you. The eagle-eye view allows players to easily see the layout of the hole.

We also like how this GPS handheld puts the golfer in charge. If you prefer only basic distance information or want everything SkyCaddie has to offer, simple on-off settings allow you to have it your way.

As with many SkyCaddie products, the price you pay for impressive accuracy means annual subscription fees need to be paid. These begin at £30 and go up depending on what you are looking to access.


The Touch proved one of the easiest to setup with its USB cable clipping neatly into the side of the device.

It also contains an impressive battery life of up to 14 hours from the rechargeable, lithium-ion polymer that adds to its overall appeal. 


Despite its hefty price tag and the annual fees that are required to unlock some of the key features, we could not be more impressed with the SkyCaddie Touch.

The handheld device is clear, accurate and beautifully presented from start to finish, particularly when downloading the new onDemand HD map. 

If you are purchasing the SkyCaddie Touch, then we recommend you go all-out and take full advantage of the additional features by paying the annual fee that starts from £30.

Some of the add-ons will give you "TrueGround" course maps (SkyCaddie mappers have walked the course for you), "IntelliGreen" (shape and distances to green along with major contours), "Target List" (text listing of hazards and carries), "HoleVue" (full hole views), "RangeVue" (shows yardage arcs) and "PinPoint" (add pin positions).

Whilst the SkyCaddie Touch does require a SkyGolf subscription, if you register your device within 30 days of first turning it on, you get your first year's subscription free.

The Touch is our favourite SkyCaddie GPS on the market today and it deservedly receives one of our gold awards.  

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