Sumo2 square drivers recalled

Nike admits revolutionary clubs made before mid-February may not conform. If you've got one, here's what to do...

Sumo2 square drivers recalled
Nike Sumo2 square driver
Nike Sumo2 driver

Nike Golf is recalling hundreds of its revolutionary square-headed SasQuatch Sumo2 drivers because they do not conform to USGA and R&A standards.

It's understood that a manufacturing problem led to a number of Sumo2 clubheads not meeting the spring-like effect restrictions, allowing drivers' performance to be the equivalent of up to two yards longer than regulations permit.

And while these clubs would be acceptable for normal competition play and social golf until January 2008, they would currently be illegal for professional and elite amateur competition, unless individually cleared.

Allegedly, the USGA, was informed of the issue by another manufacturer in mid-February and since it was notified Nike has corrected the error at its factory and tested subsequent drivers as conforming. The USGA and Nike Golf President Bob Wood, declined to name the company.

So what does this means for those in Europe who may already have purchased a Nike SasQuatch Sumo2 driver (the SasQuatch Sumo version is not affected) and fear it may not conform?

Nike has revealed it has established a Conformance Programme on its

website, which explains how an existing customer can return their Sumo2 driver and have it replaced by the new version, which will have a distinctive identifying sticker.

Nike Golf anticipates that it will complete the approval process with the USGA/R&A for the updated, conforming driver today (March 19). Golfers have from March 26 until the end of April to have their Sumo2 checked and replaced if necessary.

Because a recall can often bring questions about safety, Wood said that there is no impact of safety or durability. The only detriment "would be that you hit the ball farther."

The non-conforming Sumo2 drivers already produced will not affect the results of professional and elite competitions already completed (KJ Choi won the PGA Tour Chrysler tournament in October). Their equipment will have already been cleared individually under tournament rules.

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