J15 wedge

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Andy Roberts
Mon, 17 Aug 2015
J15 wedge
A great option for better players seeking a super soft forging

Need To Know

lovely forged feel and teardrop shape; a versatile wedge suited for better players; satin chrome and matte black finishes appeal to the eye; great weight to the club
backspin was not quite up to scratch on others; felt half an inch too long
Our score:
PRICE: £100.00 YEAR: from 2015

Bridgestone's new "J15" wedge is a great option for better players seeking a super soft forging and improved versatility around the greens.

A new Sure Contact Sole provides ample heel relief to open the club up and play a range of shots from the fairway and greenside rough.

There is a lovely forged feel to this wedge and its neat teardrop shape and satin chrome finish appeals at address as a long groove lies across its back. It also comes in a stylish matte black finish. 

In terms of backspin, the J15 is solid without being spectacular with below average spin rates in our test on full-blooded strikes, but it did feel easy to control around the greens and out of sand. 

The overall weight of this club was one of the best in our test, much to do with the stock True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft. Some players may want to feel a heavier head, but we thought it felt just about right. 

Although we only spent an afternoon testing with this wedge from a variety of lies, the J15 has been applied with heat treatment to enhance its durability which offers another plus point. 

One slight niggle was the length of this club felt half an inch too long in the standard offering, but that is very much a personal preference.

Overall, the J15 is a solid performing wedge but we feel mid-to-high handicap players will likely want to look elsewhere as there are certainly more forgiving wedges on the market right now. 

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