Zach Johnson cites "health" as a reason for slow start to Ryder Cup

Zach Johnson admits his US Ryder Cup is struggling with head colds and congestion at the Ryder Cup.

Zach Johnson cites "health" as a reason for slow start to Ryder Cup
Zach Johnson cites "health" as a reason for slow start to Ryder Cup

Zach Johnson admits a bout of congestion passed through his team at Marco Simone has significantly contributed to their slow start at the 2023 Ryder Cup

Johnson spoke to the media after his side slumped to a woeful five-point deficit (6.5-1.5) after the first day's play in Rome. 

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Zach Johnson cites

Team USA lost the opening foursomes session 4-0 and then once again lost the afternoon fourballs 2.5-1.5. 

It marked the first time in Ryder Cup history that the United States had failed to register a single winning point in a match on the first day's play. 

When pressed by reporters on why the USA failed to fire on Friday, the two-time major champion referenced head colds as a big reason. 

It's got to a stage where Johnson is thankful to just have a team doctor on site. 

Johnson told reporters: 

"The bottom line is there's been some unforeseen things that we've had to navigate around, which is really unfortunate, in the sense of health. It's not an excuse, because we have depth, but I'll just say, I'm grateful we have a team doctor."

Zach Johnson cites

Johnson added: 

"We're just fighting things, I mean, internally. It's kind of passed around a little bit, caddies, players. It is what it is. But it's nothing more than that. Guys are fighting and playing regardless. I mean, it's not anything that's kind of weighed us down because of the depth we have and because of the many options we think we have.
"But we have got some congestion and some just signs of things that are unfortunate. It's one of those where sometimes the energy is probably a little low, but the ability and desire to go out and play is still there. That's what we are weighing. Every one of them still wants to play every match, which is encouraging."

Zach Johnson cites

When further pressed on whether the head colds had spread throughout the team room, Johnson replied: 

"It kind of has, yeah, I'm being honest, yes, it has. It has spread through my team."

Team USA have it all to do at 6.5-1.5 down heading into the weekend.

They have not won the Ryder Cup on European soil since 1993.

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The team leading the Ryder Cup after the first day has gone on to win the Ryder Cup 70% of the time. 

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