Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to improve your ball striking

Ball striking is an extremely important part of your game, as making a good connection with the ball is crucial for a good score.

Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to improve your ball striking

Striking the ball out of the middle of the clubface is very satisfying and if you can find the middle of the face as much as possible, the ball will finish where you want it to.

Ball striking can be a grey area in terms of statistics, however on the PGA Tour, it is calculated by combining total driving and greens in regulation.

Jon Rahm is currently ranked first on the PGA Tour in ball striking because he is ranked second in total driving and sixth in greens in regulation. 2020 PGA champion Collin Morikawa is ranked seventh and RBC Heritage winner Stewart Cink is ranked ninth.

Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to improve your ball striking
Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to improve your ball striking

Here are three tips to help you improve your ball striking.

#1 3-ball drill

This is a simple drill to help you focus on striking the ball perfectly. When you are on the practice ground, put three balls down in a line and aim to hit the ball in the middle.

If you can master this drill by focusing on the middle ball and ignoring the other two, this will help you make a solid swing and strike the ball within the gap.

#2 Keep your balance

If you want to strike the ball with the middle of the clubface, it is important to keep your legs still and maintain your balance so that your club doesn't move off-line.

The left leg is the most important part of this because if you can keep this leg stable and still, the rest of your body should follow suit and the club will swing down in a solid fashion.

#3 Club drop drill

This drill will ensure that your hips turn during your swing, instead of sliding backwards. If you slide your hips backwards on your backswing, this causes your shoulders to tilt and create a very steep angle for your downswing.

For this drill, set up to the ball and lean another club from your back hip to the ground. If your hip turns and doesn't slide, the club will fall to the floor which means you have made a solid swing and hopefully a solid connection. 


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