Best Golf Tips: 3 GREAT tips on how to make clutch putts

When you need to make a six-foot putt to win your club stableford or if you are in contention in a professional tournament, you need to be able to handle the pressure.

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Mon, 19 Apr 2021
Best Golf Tips: 3 GREAT tips on how to make clutch putts

I have always been blown away by the number of times a player on the PGA Tour steps up to a short, tricky putt at a crucial stage of a tournament and calmly rolls it in.

Driving the ball straight and keeping your ball on the fairway is vital, but when it is crunch time on the green, you need to be able to perform as it can save so many shots.

Sungjae Im leads the way on the PGA Tour in one-putts holed between five and 10 feet, while Corey Conners is ranked 10th.

It is this length of putt that you can come across so often in important situations and we have three tips to help you make them every time.

#1 Commit to your line

When you bend down to mark your ball, take a look towards the hole and read the putt. Once you have decided what way the putt will turn, you must stick with it and focus on that line.

It is important to commit to your line because if you have second thoughts when you are over the ball, it can affect your concentration and cause you to miss the putt.



#2 Have a routine

A routine in golf very much depends on personal preference and is formulated by what makes the player feel comfortable. If you decide on a routine before each putt, this can help you relax.

You could look at the putt from behind the hole or take a certain amount of practice strokes each time, but regardless of the process, a routine can help you settle over clutch putts.



#3 Keep your head down

A common mistake with many golfers is that they want to see where the ball goes and therefore move their head almost before they've hit it.

If you keep your head still and watch your putter hit the ball, this will help stabilize the rest of your body which will help you hit a solid putt.