New European Tour Group chief exec makes PGA Tour-LIV Golf claim

New DP World Tour boss Guy Kinnings has outlined his plan for golf as he takes over the helm with the future of the PGA Tour and LIV unclear.

Guy Kinnings
Guy Kinnings

Guy Kinnings admitted he hopes to make golf more global in his first official interview as the European Tour Group's chief executive. 

Kinnings officially replaced Keith Pelley on 2 April and takes over at a critical point at the top of the men's game. 

The PGA Tour and DP World Tour are continuing their discussions with the Saudi Arabian PIF (which bankrolls LIV). 

But in truth we are none the wiser on when a resolution between the parties could be reached. 


"I have been working closely with our players, our board, our partners and our staff over the past six years," Kinnings said.

"And I feel we have a great opportunity to look forward and to focus on unity and alignment in the game.

"There has been a shift in our sport to a more global mindset and that is something, as golf’s global Tour, that we welcome."

Pelley was involved in striking the 6 June 2023 framework agreement.

He had previously stated he hoped to get the deal over the line before he took up his new role in Canada. 

Pelley was at the helm of the DP World Tour since 2015 and left the role with a mixed legacy. 

When he arrived he was already aware of an upstart breakaway Premier Golf League. 

There were also rumours the Saudis wanted to get involved. 

On top of that, Pelley had to deal with the fact the DP World Tour was struggling to compete with the PGA Tour. 

In the end, Pelley and his officials decided to form a 'strategic alliance' with the PGA Tour. 

As a consequence, a hard-line stance against LIV Golf was adopted. 

In his last official interview before leaving his role, Pelley said he believed unification in golf was inevitable

“I have absolutely no regrets,” Pelley told the Times of London

“We have rebuilt the tour. Our business is fully underpinned by the strategic alliance with PGA Tour and prize funds are at a record level in the midst of an economic crisis and a new entrant into our sport.

" I’m not sure how you put a negative spin on that.”

Watch the first interview with Kinnings here:



Who is Guy Kinnings?

Kinnings has held the position of chief commercial and excutive director of the Ryder Cup since 2018. 

He is the fifth person to be the chief executive of the tour that was established in 1972. 

His predecessors were John Jacobs, Ken Schofield, George O'Grady and Pelley. 

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