"I just cringed" DP World Tour star Eddie Pepperell hammers LIV Golf final

"Hate to s*** on something but honestly..." Pepperell comes down hard on LIV Golf Team Championship

DP World Tour star Eddie Pepperell has hit out at the LIV Golf Team Championship following the conclusion of the season.

Pepperell finished T43 at the Andalucia Masters in Spain on Sunday afternoon and then popped his feet up to watch some live sport. 

While the unofficial golfing King of Twitter admitted he gave the LIV Golf season finale a chance, Pepperell explained all he could do was "cringe".

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Pepperell fired out a number of tweets following the LIV Golf Team Championship, which saw Bryson DeChambeau's Crushers GC walk away with $14m

In response to LIV Golf's post of DeChambeau holing the winning putt before being covered in champagne by his teammates, two-time DP World Tour champion Pepperell tweeted: 

"I tried, sincerely, I just tried to watch this and feel something genuine. Joy, inspiration, something. And I just cringed. It’s just all cringe, the whole show, the teams, the individuals. Hate to shit on something but honestly, it’s just so far away from being compelling."

Pepperell was then hit by a number of LIV Golf fan accounts, to which he responded: 

"As always, the classic ‘jealousy’ comments come out when criticising LIV. I’ve no reason to hate LIV or be jealous, if anything I’ve benefitted from it. I’m just observing like everyone else it’s obvious pitfalls. It had a chance to create something special and it hasn’t."

The Englishman further added: 

"Hopefully I will figure it out, and if I don’t, then yes maybe one day I will join you regular weekend golfers. But that’s the beauty of professional golf and what keeps players sharp, that possibility of gut wrenching failure. Something that isn’t present on LIV unfortunately."

What did you make of the LIV Golf Team Championship? What did you make of the LIV Golf season in general? How does it compare to the PGA Tour and DP World Tour action? Will the framework agreement between PGA Tour, DP World Tour and PIF still go ahead next year? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels.

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