Phil Mickelson endorses post outlining PGA Tour chief's three mistakes

Phil Mickelson appeared to endorse a post on X making a series of claims against PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan and how he has handled LIV Golf.

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Wed, 8 Nov 2023
Phil Mickelson endorses post outlining PGA Tour chief's three mistakes

Phil Mickelson is a believer of many things.

Judging by his social media, it's clear he thinks golf commentator Bob Ball has repeatedly hit the nail on the head with regards to the landscape of men's professional golf amid unprecedented disruption. 

In July, Ball posted an open letter to PGA Tour members in the immediate aftermath of the announcement of the framework agreement with LIV Golf's financiers. 

"You are all in trouble and screwed if you don't support it," he wrote. 

At the time, PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan was quoted saying the future of the rival circuit could be determined after undergoing an 'empirical evaluation'. 

Asked if he could foresee LIV Golf existing alongside the PGA Tour in its current format in 2024, Monahan stated: "I don't see that scenario, no."

In a series of lengthy posts, Ball explained how it was ludicrous LIV Golf could be 'shuttered', spelling out how under the terms of the deal the PGA Tour would be obliged to promote team golf. 

"This is spot on accurate," Mickelson wrote. "You nailed the most important part of the entire agreement. You're the first to do it."

Now Ball is back with another lengthy post filled with some interesting claims about the aforementioned Monahan. 

His 1,000 word post explored the close relationship Monahan has with the PGA of America chief executive Seth Waugh

Ball claimed Monahan has made three key mistakes. 

They are:

  • How he dealt with the Premier Golf League proposal
  • He was approached multiple times to create 'elevated events' to increase the compensation for 'the very players whom the Tour's grown (and TV ratings) was reliant' but did nothing
  • He mishandled the launch of the LIV Golf League

Other suggestions are that Monahan has leveraged long 'double back-scratching behaviour' to hold onto his monopoly and fight LIV. 

Citing sources, Ball wrote:

"It was PGA of America chief Seth Waugh who hired Monahan to run the Deutsche Bank Championship, giving him a start in golf when he was a young man at IMG. Waugh ended up leaving Deutsche as CEO of the Americas after 10 years and scandals, including Deutsche Bank "paying $7.2 billion in a settlement that resolved all of the federal civil claims that Deutsche Bank misled investors in the packaging, securitization, marketing, sale, and issuance of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) between 2006 and 2007," according to the Department of Justice."

He continued: 

"Sources also say Monahan then turned around and helped Waugh get the position at the PGA of America after Waugh left Deutsche. Fast forward, and it was none other than Seth Waugh helping trash LIV by saying, "[The PIF] can fund it for as long as they want to...but no matter how much money you have, at some point burning it doesn't feel very good. I don't see that they are accomplishing much." The Times of London also quoted him as saying, "Their logic about the team play being something significant that people I think can get behind I think is flawed."

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