Phil Mickelson reveals shock post-retirement plans amid latest PGA Tour/LIV Golf drama

Phil Mickelson has revealed what his retirement will look like after his playing days with the LIV Golf League finally come to an end.

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson

A few weeks ago Phil Mickelson hinted his days playing professional golf may be numbered

It begged the question, other than living the high life with his LIV Golf money, what will Lefty do?

Given the appreciation for the sound of his own voice, it appeared that a natural fit for Mickelson would be to get into the booth and commentate on the game. 


Over the years, Mickelson has proven time and again that he's excellent, informative and downright hilarious calling the action. 

Sadly, Mickelson doesn't want to go down that path. 

At least, that's if you take his latest posts on X at face value. 

One user on the social platform pointed out the very second Mickelson calls it a day he will become the most 'sought after' TV analyst in golf. 

Reacting to the 'kind words', Lefty responded:

"Thank you for the kind words. However, just cuz someone CAN do something doesn’t mean they SHOULD do it. Instead of commentating, I’m going to shoot some Pros vs Schmos 9 hole matches. I’ll share insights throughout as well as talk a little smack. It won’t be the highest quality video but it’ll be fun for me to do and fun to watch I think too."

Mickelson's LIV peer Ian Poulter oversaw the exchange and had a proposition for the six-time major champ. 

Poulter - who earlier in the week took on his critics in an explosive rant - suggested that given they will each 'never' be Ryder Cup captains now, they should face off in a match. 

"Just put those calf muscles away," Poulter joked. "Tartan trousers only."

See here:

Ian Poulter is ready for a match
Ian Poulter is ready for a match

What did Mickelson say about retiring?

Mickelson told Bloomberg last week that at 53 years old he is finally considering calling it a day. 

It took him a while to find the right words but he said: "My career, you know, it's - if I'm being truthful, it's on - it's - it's - it's - I'm a - it's towards its end."

Despite the devastating reality check, Mickelson remains bullish about LIV's future. 

As the PGA Tour continued to cannibalise itself, Mickelson explained: "We are going to reach markets that we didn’t reach before. 

"I think it’s going to inspire more golf courses, inspire more manufacturers selling clubs and equipment, but also inspiring young kids to try to play golf professionally. 

"I just see that the game of golf is going to grow on a much more global basis because of the excitement and the presence that LIV Golf has."

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