Fresh Tiger Woods conspiracy theory labelled 'laughable'

Tiger Woods is reportedly desperate to retire but is unwilling to because he wants to promote his new apparel brand, according to this conspiracy theory.

Fresh Tiger Woods conspiracy theory labelled 'laughable'
Fresh Tiger Woods conspiracy theory labelled 'laughable'

The moon landing was faked, 9/11 was an inside job, Princess Diana's death was no accident and Taylor Swift is working with the NFL to get Joe Biden re-elected. 

Just some of the more popular conspiracy theories past and present. 

Apparently, we can add this latest Tiger Woods one to the collection. 

According to a report by the DailyMail, quoting an unnamed 'source' close to Tiger, the 15-time major champion is desperate to retire.

But he won't and 'must play on' to support his recently announced new clothing and footwear brand Sun Day Red

For the first time in 27 years, Woods played a professional event in apparel other than Nike at the Genesis Invitational

It is a PGA Tour event he hosts annually at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles and it ended in misery for the hall of fame golfer. 

Woods, 48, withdrew after only playing six holes of his second round. 

It was immediately speculated that Woods was struggling again with his back or right leg. Or both. 

After the first round, Woods conceded he was having back spasms. He even hit one helluva shank

His fans then feared the worst as paramedics were called to the clubhouse but it turns out Woods just had influenza. 

The source told the DM: "If Tiger could retire, he would. 

"His body is beat up but, for his brand, he still has to make and keep appearances and make a go at it. 

"After his car accident, he thought that was it. There was almost an amputation in play, so to be back even at all is sort of a miracle.

"Now with this recent illness that had him bow out of the latest tournament, that is unfortunate, but he will be back because he has to support his new brand Sun Day Red, and everything else in his world. 

"He'll be back even though he would love nothing more than to retire."

Fresh Tiger Woods conspiracy theory labelled 'laughable'

The theory was immediately dismissed by a majority of golf fans on X, with one saying: "Total rubbish."

Another added: "This is an Onion headline."

Such a prospect does seem hard to believe, given how burdensome Woods' latest comeback from injury has been. 

Woods, now 48, spent three months in a hospital bed then a further six months on crutches after his February 2021 car crash. 

The crash sent him to a dark place, he has said. 

"The knee stuff was one level, the back fusion another level, this one with the right leg another level," Woods previously told. 

"From wheelchair to crutches to now nothing, it's been a lot of hard work. There were some really tough times." 

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Woods previously claimed there was a 50 per cent chance he was going to have an amputation. 

Last December, Woods claimed he believed he could play one tournament per month in 2024. 

Surpassing Jack Nicklaus' haul of 18 majors now appears to be an impossibility for Woods. 

But don't count against the icon surpassing Sam Snead's haul of 82 Tour victories. 

Woods, in private conversations with Nicklaus, has also revealed his aspirations to play on the senior circuit. 

He will eligible to compete on that at the age of 50. 

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