Report: Tiger Woods stays behind after meeting to play golf with LIV chairman

Tiger Woods reportedly stayed behind after a crunch PGA Tour meeting in the Bahamas to play golf with LIV Golf's chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan.

Report: Tiger Woods stays behind after meeting to play golf with LIV chairman
Report: Tiger Woods stays behind after meeting to play golf with LIV…

Tiger Woods reportedly stayed behind after the crunch PGA Tour meeting to play golf with LIV's chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan. 

Woods, 48, and several notable figures from the golf world met in the Bahamas on Monday to speak with the powerful Saudi businessman. 

It was the first time the PGA Tour's player directors met with the 54-year-old after two years of unprecedented disruption in the men's game. 

Details of the meeting have been kept a closely guarded secret but PGA Tour boss Jay Monahan claimed the discussions were 'constructive'. 

"During the session, Yasir had the chance to introduce himself to our player directors," Monahan told PGA Tour members in a memo.  

"And talk through his vision, priorities and motivations for investing in professional golf."

It is hoped the meeting could pave the way for the PGA Tour to finally strike a deal with Saudi Arabia's PIF and end the hostilities in the game.

According to Barstool Sports, Woods played some holes with Al-Rumayyan in Albany on 20 March, 24 hours after meeting attendees left the property. 

Woods luxury yacht, Privacy, was still docked in the Albany Resort Marina on Tuesday morning. 

The X user radaratlas2, who tracks planes, also stated that the plane associated to the aforementioned Monahan had left.  


Report: Tiger Woods stays behind after meeting to play golf with LIV chairman

How significant is the meeting? 

The meeting is of huge significance given Woods' previous hostilities towards LIV Golf. 

Woods has previously been extremely critical of LIV players, accusing the 'rebel' golfers of turning their backs on the Tour that made them. 

When the 6 June 2023 framework agreement was announced, his silence spoke volumes. 

It was thought that Woods was furious a deal of that magnitude was made without his knowledge. 

It prompted the 15-time major champion to join the policy board and when he did so took a dim view of Monahan's actions. 

"We were very frustrated with what happened," Woods said. 

In early February, it appeared Woods' stance on Saudi investment into the PGA Tour had changed somewhat. 

Although he did claim that it may not be necessary after the Tour was infused with a $1.5bn cash injection from Strategic Sports Group. 

"Ultimately, we would like to have PIF be a part of our tour and a part of our product," Woods said. 

"Financially, we don't right now, and the monies that they have come to the table with and what we initially had agreed to in the framework agreement, those are all the same numbers.

"Anything beyond this is going to be obviously over and above. We're in a position right now where hopefully we can make our product better in the short term and long term."

Woods also confirmed the PGA Tour were looking at 'all the different models' for pathways back to the PGA Tour for LIV players. 

Report: Tiger Woods stays behind after meeting to play golf with LIV chairman

Will a deal happen?

It is of course still far too soon to tell. 

According to PGA Tour player director Peter Malnati, there is still 'massive resistance' to Saudi involvement. 

"On the surface, I think there are players who have resistance to that relationship, for sure," he said. 

"So that's why I do think it's important that maybe our next step is to meet at some point."

Patrick Cantlay stated he was travelling to the Bahamas with an open mind. "It's more of a meet and greet," he said. 

So what would happen if there is no deal?

"I imagine if it weren't to happen, we would go in a similar paradigm to where we're going on right now," Cantlay warned. 

One person that is desperate for a deal to be agreed is Rory McIlroy

McIlroy met with Al-Rumayyan in December 2022 and later claimed he told PGA Tour officials to reach out. 

That being said, he was still blindsided by the 6 June announcement. 

Still, he believes a deal with the PIF is the only way to repair a fractured sport. 

After the Players Championship, McIlroy said: "I have spent time with Yasir and his -- the people that have represented him in LIV I think have done him a disservice, so [Greg] Norman and those guys.

"I see the two entities, and I think there's a big, I actually think there's a really big disconnect between PIF and LIV.

"I think you got PIF over here and LIV are sort of over here doing their own thing.

"So the closer that we can get to Yasir, PIF and hopefully finalize that investment, I think that will be a really good thing."

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