Report: Tiger Woods voted against (!) Rory McIlroy returning to policy board

Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay voted against Rory McIlroy rejoining the PGA Tour's policy board, according to a report.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods voted against Rory McIlroy returning to the PGA Tour's policy board, according to a report. 

McIlroy confirmed before the Wells Fargo Championship that a 'faction' of players on the board were not comfortable with him returning to the fold after he resigned his seat five months ago. 

The 35-year-old is said to have 'instantly regretted' his decision, according to his putting coach Brad Faxon. 


And he attempted to get his influential seat back after Webb Simpson indicated a willingness to give up his on the condition McIlroy was able to return. 

That return was subject to a vote by the other player directors and Telegraph Sport have claimed the vote ended up 3-2 against the Northern Irishman. 

Votes against McIlroy included 15-time major champion Woods, his replacement on the board Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay. 

McIlroy has made no secret that he has strained relationship with Cantlay. 

He previously described him as a 'd---' to the Belfast Telegraph when he discussed his furious 2023 Ryder Cup bust-up with his caddie Joe LaCava. 

McIlroy later said he viewed 'the world differently' than Cantlay. 

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy

Reading between the lines, it appears both golfers differ in their thoughts in how the PGA Tour should move forward. 

It is also important to note McIlroy was also unhappy with how Spieth reacted to PGA Tour Enterprises being given a mega cash injection from US private equity money in March. 

McIlroy's comments over the last few months suggest whilst he's still not LIV Golf's biggest fan, he wants to let bygones be bygones and strike a deal with their Saudi financiers to end the schism at the elite men's level. 

On the other hand, Cantlay, Woods and Spieth have suggested that this doesn't need to happen given the Tour's hands were strengthened after a mega cash injection by Strategic Sports Group. 

Woods also previously stated his reluctance to strike a deal with PIF. 

Another theory put forward is that high-profile American golfers are reluctant to play overseas whereas McIlroy wants to elevate certain events such as the Irish Open. 

McIlroy did not publicly name the individuals that were opposed to him rejoining but he has insisted there were 'no hard feelings'. 

"We'll all move on," he said. 

Only time will tell what his future relationship with Woods will look like. 

What has McIlroy said about this?

Speaking before the Wells Fargo Championship, McIlroy said: “There was a subset of people on the board that were maybe uncomfortable with me coming back on for some reason. 

"I think it just got pretty complicated and pretty messy and I think with the way it happened, I think it opened up some old wounds and scar tissue from things that have happened before.”

He added: “I think we’ve got this window of opportunity to get it done [the deal], because both sides from a business perspective I wouldn’t say need to get it done, but it makes sense. 
“I sort of liken it to when Northern Ireland went through the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement, neither side was happy. Catholics weren’t happy, Protestants weren’t happy, but it brought peace and then you just sort of learn to live with whatever has been negotiated, right?
“That was in 1998 and 20, 25, 30 years ahead, my generation doesn’t know any different. It’s just this is what it’s always been like and we’ve never known anything but peace. 
"It’s my little way of trying to think about it and trying to make both sides see that there could be a compromise here.
“Yeah, it’s probably not going to feel great for either side, but if it’s a place where the game of golf starts to thrive again and we can all get back together, then I think that’s ultimately a really good thing.”

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