Revealed: Tiger Woods' 'next chapter' after leaving Nike

Tiger Woods appears to have made a decision over his 'next chapter' after leaving global sportswear giant Nike after 27 years.

Revealed: Tiger Woods' 'next chapter' after leaving Nike
Revealed: Tiger Woods' 'next chapter' after leaving Nike

Tiger Woods appears to have made a decision over his future after ending his association with Nike. 

After 27 years and four contracts worth a reported $500m, Woods confirmed the worst kept secret in sport by waving an emotional farewell to the swoosh in early January. 

When Woods bid adieu to the sportswear giant, the 48-year-old iconic golfer promised a new chapter. 

It appears that his destination will be a collaboration with his equipment sponsor TaylorMade. 

The news was first reported by @NUCLRGOLF on X. The account, which also runs the popular Woods fan page TWLEGION on the same platform, has uncovered trademark filings that suggest the two are launching a new lifestyle brand. 

Unsurprisingly, the brand will be called Sunday Red. The name is a clear nod to the hall of famer's iconic shirt he always wears on the final day of competitions. 

Woods has worn the colour religiously since partnering with Nike in 1997. 

There are two reasons why he has done so. 

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"I've worn red ever since my college days [at Stanford] basically, or junior golf days – big events on the last day," Woods previously said of his decision to stick with Sunday red. 

"I just stuck with it out of superstition, and it worked. I just happened to choose a school that actually was red, and we wore red on our final day of events. So it worked out."

He added: "I wear red on Sundays because my mom thinks that is my power colour.

"You know, you should always listen to your mom."

See the filing below:

Revealed: Tiger Woods' 'next chapter' after leaving Nike

Why did Tiger Woods leave Nike?

Tiger Woods ended his association with Nike on 8 January 2024. 

Neither Woods nor Nike revealed exactly why they finally decided to part ways but it is assumed the deal wasn't making the sportswear giant money any more. 

Nike stopped making equipment in 2016 because it was losing cash. 

"For over 27 years, we have had the honour to partner with Tiger Woods, one of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen," Nike said in a statement. 

"We watched him set records, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire generations of people around the globe.

"We are grateful to have been a part of it. We wish him the best in the future."

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