Rory McIlroy's daughter questions why he's gone to see Butch Harmon

Rory McIlroy went to see Tiger Woods' long-time coach Butch Harmon last week, and his daughter Poppy made him chuckle on the way out the door!

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy has revealed how his daughter Poppy gave him the best piece of advice he's received over the last few years while he was on the way out the door for a golf lesson with legendary instructor Butch Harmon. 

McIlroy, 34, made his comments be known on the 'I Can Fly' podcast with former PGA Tour pro Morgan Hoffmann ahead of this week's Texas Open where he starts tournament favourite at TPC San Antonio. 

The Northern Irishman is still working with his long-time coach Michael Bannon but he occasionally goes to visit Tiger Woods' ex coach Harmon when he needs a second opinion, as the case was last week. 

Having yet to chalk up a single top-10 finish on the PGA Tour this season, McIlroy headed over to meet Harmon just two weeks before the start of The Masters on 27 March. 

Woods won eight majors and 34 PGA Tour titles during his time with Harmon from '97 to '04.

Harmon started work with Woods in 1993.

But while McIlroy was more than happy with his decision to see Harmon last week, the World No.2 was given reassurance about his golf game before heading out the door by his three-year-old daughter Poppy. 

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McIlroy revealed on the 'I Can Fly' podcast: 

"I went last week to see Butch Harmon for a golf lesson. I've seen him maybe like once every few years I'll say 'Hey Butch, can I just come see you and you can take a look and see what you think'. So I'm leaving for the airport last Wednesday morning and Poppy said to me 'Dada, where you going?' I said 'I'm going to go for a golf lesson, I'll be back in a couple of days'. And she goes 'But Dada, you already know how to play golf!' I was like 'That's probably the best piece of advice I've gotten in the last few years'."


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McIlroy wanted to meet Harmon to get a second opinion about his swing, in particular his iron shots. 

The four-time major champion currently ranks 119th in SG: Approach To Green.

Last season he was ranked eighth

He told the Telegraph

“The one thing I love about Butch is he’s worked with so many players. So, if you’re trying to explain to him, ‘Look, I’m trying to do this or I’m trying to create that feeling,’ the database of players that he’s worked with over the years, he could say, ‘Well, Freddie Couples felt this, or Tiger did this or DJ felt that. It’s always nice to have that reference.’”

McIlroy added: 

“I have this amazing feeling with my woods at the minute, but when I try to recreate that feeling with the irons, it starts left and goes further left. I think it’s because you turn harder with a wood, you’re sort of clearing [your body] harder.

“I love this feeling of firing my right arm down the target line, and I can do that with my woods really well. But then when I try to do that with my irons, the club face closes over and goes left. It’s almost like two different swings. I have a swing thought for my woods and I need a different swing thought for my irons, and that’s what I’ve been working on.”

McIlroy will attempt to win his first PGA Tour title since the Genesis Scottish Open last July at this week's Texas Open.

He will then go in search of completing the career grand slam with victory at The Masters. 

What do you make of McIlroy working with Harmon ahead of The Masters? Will McIlroy finally slip on the green jacket? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels.

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