Rory McIlroy's former agent rips into his latest PGA Tour / LIV Golf idea

Chubby Chandler believes Rory McIlroy has "performed the most unbelievable 180 turn" in his stance on the PGA Tour and LIV Golf. 

Rory McIlroy's former agent rips into his latest PGA Tour / LIV Golf idea

Rory McIlroy's former manager Chubby Chandler believes the four-time major champion has "performed the most unbelievable 180 turn" in his stance on all things PGA Tour and LIV Golf in 2024. 

Chandler made his feelings be known about McIlroy in an exclusive interview with GolfMagic and

McIlroy parted ways with Chandler in October 2011, several months after earning his first major title at the US Open. 

He later told "I felt like the path I was going down wasn't the path I wanted to go down."

McIlroy was understood to have regretted giving up his PGA Tour card at the end of 2010, as well as passing up the opportunity to compete in the 2011 Players Championship at famed TPC Sawgrass. 

Since then, it's fair to say McIlroy and Chander have never quite seen eye-to-eye.

Fast forward to 2024, and while Chandler holds no grudge against McIlroy, he does question the Ulsterman's latest comments in light of the changing landscape of professional golf. 

McIlroy has arguably been the strongest PGA Tour player critic of the Saudi-bankrolled LIV Golf League, citing it was "dead in the water" when it first emerged in 2022. 

He also had doubts that suspended PGA Tour members who diverted to LIV Golf should ever be able to return to the circuit. 

But heading into the start of this season, McIlroy, who has now stepped down from his lead role as a player director on the PGA Tour Policy Board, has eased his criticism of LIV. 

Not just a little but a lot. 

After watching his European Ryder Cup teammates Jon Rahm and Tyrrell Hatton switch to the LIV Golf League this season, McIlroy now believes PGA Tour members should be able to "come back and play"

Last month, McIlroy told the media he wants the PGA Tour and LIV to come together to create a Champions League of Golf

Rory McIlroy's former agent rips into his latest PGA Tour / LIV Golf idea

Chandler is not only baffled by McIlroy's radical change of opinion about the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, but also how he can come up with the exact same idea as LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman in 1995. 

Norman wanted to achieve a world golf tour some 20 years ago but was soon refused. 

Speaking exclusively to GolfMagic, McIlroy's former manager Chandler said: 

"I was alright with Rory, I mean as history has shown now Rory has got an opinion and he will tell you what his opinion is, and he is quite happy to apologise that he's got it wrong, which he does many times.
"Right at the moment he is performing the most unbelievable 180 turn isn't he, it's just unbelievable!
"Suddenly, you've got this 80-man world tour that is his idea, well that is what Greg Norman was trying to do in 1995, that is exactly what he was doing!
"Rory has got this great idea that it's the Champions League of golf, and he's right, that is what should happen, but it's interesting that he thinks this is a new idea."

Despite Chandler's latest criticism of McIlroy, he does consider the Northern Irishman has his best chance of completing the career grand slam this season as a result of walking away from the PGA Tour Policy Board.

Rory McIlroy's former agent rips into his latest PGA Tour / LIV Golf idea

Chandler would love to see McIlroy get back to basics though at Augusta this April: 

"I always thought from the start the one major Rory would win would be The Masters because he hits a high, loopy draw and hits it miles. That is The Masters for you. He could stand on 13 and whip it round the corner easier than anybody, and on 14 he could hold it up the left-hand side. There are so many draw shots at Augusta, you just thought he was going to do it.
"I think the meltdown in 2011 when he had the bad back nine there, I think that has obviously left a scar. He's had a couple of other near-misses, which probably also leaves a scar. It's just bizarre The Masters is the one he can't win and is the one he's finding hardest to win.
"I think maybe this year he has got as good a chance as he has had for a long time. Hopefully he has got his mind uncluttered and he has got decent form. 
"Rory is such a good player, to me the most exciting player to watch, it seems bizarre that some of the naturalness out of his game has gone. To me he looks really awkward when he tries to play a cut and he tries to hold up. If he goes back to the big, strong draw, that is obviously okay for Augusta, so who knows. He might not be the best wedge player today, but he will kill it."

Chandler was speaking in association with

Will Rory McIlroy win The Masters and complete the career grand slam in 2024? What do you make of Chandler's comments about McIlroy? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels.

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