Take a peek at a fresh look for Tiger Woods ahead of latest PGA Tour comeback

Tiger Woods has revealed his new apparel line ahead of his latest PGA Tour return at the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club.

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Tue, 13 Feb 2024
Take a peek at a fresh look for Tiger Woods ahead of latest PGA Tour comeback

Tiger Woods has officially unveiled his latest chapter after leaving Nike. 

Woods, now 48, brought a sensational end to his partnership with the global sportswear giant by mutually parting ways with the swoosh in January.

The golfer had been associated with Nike for 27 years and even used their equipment until the company pulled the plug in that market in 2017.

Speculation was rife about where Woods would end up given a plethora of options were available that included FootJoy, Greyson, Malbon and more. 

Woods has been wearing FootJoy golf shoes since his February 2021 car crash. 

Trademark filings pointed towards the hall of fame golfer starting his own apparel line. 

In recent weeks Woods has been teasing today's announcement on his social media pages. 

The latest post from Woods told us 'the vision remains the same' alongside a menacing photo of the golfer. Eagle-eyed fans also spotted a new logo. 

That logo has now officially been confirmed as the new footwear and apparel company Sun Day Red in association with TaylorMade.

"I have learned so much over the years and have a lifetime of experience adjusting my apparel and footwear to help me play better based on the way it was constructed," Woods said.

"There are things that I could tell you that no one knew I was doing over the years. I'm ready to share those secrets with the world.

"Sun Day Red will embody a love of playing and competing, and we are for people that share those values, whether it's on the course, or in life.

"We will be anchored to putting the athlete first in the product decisions we make."

The logo is a 15-striped tiger representing Woods' major victories.

The name intentionally turns Sunday into two words because "there's a special power in 3's."

The premium apparel will be available to purchase from 1 May. 

Woods made the announcement on 13 February to a select group of reporters. 

The announcement came in the same week Woods was due to make his latest comeback to the PGA Tour

He is set to host this week's Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club. 

Take a look at some pictures below:

Why does Tiger Woods wear red on Sundays?

Tiger Woods wears red during the final rounds of golf tournaments as a superstition and a personal ritual.

He has stated that he wears red because his mother, Kultida, believes it's a power colour for him, and he has had success while wearing it. 

Over time, it has become a tradition for him to wear red on Sundays, particularly during the final rounds of tournaments

The outfit has become iconic in the world of golf. 

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