Jordan Spieth offers Rory McIlroy theory before PGA Championship

Jordan Spieth has offered his theory why more people talk about Rory McIlroy completing the career grand slam instead of the American.

Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth says Rory McIlroy 'being more vocal' means it's often overlooked he is one step away from completing the career grand slam. 

Spieth will have his eighth crack at accomplishing the rare feat at this week's PGA Championship at Valhalla. 

McIlroy could join the history books with Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazan, Tiger Woods, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus if he ever gets over the line at the Masters. 


His latest attempt saw him finish in a tie for 22nd at Augusta National. 

And Spieth hopes he can join the Ulsterman as a four-time major champion on Sunday and become the sixth player in history to have won all four majors. 

It has been seven years since Spieth tasted major championship success and he feels as though the tournament's identity will stand him in good stead. 

Spieth told ABC News: "For me, it's like the PGA Championship feels decently similar to a number of tournaments we play. 

"I don't mean that in a bad way. It's played on some of the biggest, best golf courses. But the identity is not the same as the other three."

He continued: "In my mind, you don't need to find a different way to win, versus guys who don't have some of the other ones.

"We play a few tournaments a year that could be PGA Championships if you change the branding and the grandstands."

McIlroy and Spieth appear to be at odds with how they view the future of elite men's professional golf. 

The 30-year-old was part of a 'faction' of three players that blocked his return to the PGA Tour's policy board as the circuit continues peace talks with LIV Golf

And whilst Spieth wasn't willing to discuss that aspect of his relationship with McIlroy, he did offer his theory as to why there is perhaps more hype over McIlroy completing the slam. 

Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth

"He's got more accolades," Spieth told ABC News.  

"He's been a better player over his career. Maybe that creates a little noise. 

"He's been a bit more vocal about it himself, so maybe that makes a little bit more difference."

There is absolutely no doubt that at times over the last few years McIlroy has shown at Augusta National just how much pressure he is under. 

It seems as though every year he outlines a 'new approach' to tackling the major. 

His latest excursion to Augusta saw him turn up last out of every competitor and skip the annual par-3 contest. 

McIlroy also only spoke to media for 10 minutes beforehand. 

Spieth said that he doesn't feel the pressure building up. 

"Not like people talk about Rory's building up over time," he said. 

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