Tiger Woods shuts down reporter's PGA Tour/LIV question ahead of US PGA

Tiger Woods refused to go into detail about the PGA Tour's potential deal with LIV Golf ahead of the 2024 US PGA Championship.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods refused to say whether he wants the PGA Tour to strike a deal with LIV Golf's financiers ahead of the PGA Championship. 

Woods arrived at Valhalla Golf Club on Sunday evening but met with reporters on Tuesday ahead of the second men's major of the year. 

Over the past 24 hours news filtered through that Jimmy Dunne had resigned his seat on the PGA Tour's policy board.

Dunne cited the fact 'no meaningful progress' had been made with LIV Golf's Saudi backers to consummate last June's framework agreement as the primary reason for his departure. 

He claimed his voice was 'superfluous' given the players' power. 


The key figure undoubtedly angered many high-profile players such as Woods for striking the deal with the Saudis behind players' backs. 

He has therefore been frozen out of the peace talks. 

Woods, 48, disagreed with the assertion that Dunne's voice wasn't being heard. 

"No [I don't agree]," he said. "Jimmy and the amount of work and dedication that he put into the board and to the PGA Tour, it's been incredible. 

"It was a bit surprising that he resigned yesterday and just how it all came about, but, no, his role and his help, then what he's been able to do for the PGA Tour has been great."

Dunne is also considered one of Rory McIlroy's closest allies. 

Last week McIlroy denied his relationship with the 15-time major champ had 'soured'. 

Although the 35-year-old Northern Irishman conceded they viewed the future of men's professional golf differently. 

Asked for a response to McIlroy's comments, Woods said: "Well I think that we see the -- it's good to see it differently, but collectively as a whole we want to see whatever's best for all the players, the fans, and the state of golf. 

"How we get there, that's to be determined, but the fact that we're in this together and in this fight together to make golf better is what it's all about."

Woods met with LIV Golf's mastermind in the Bahamas in March. 

It represented the first time PGA Tour player directors came face-to-face with the man who controls LIV's purse strings. 

Woods said discussions with PIF are 'ongoing' and 'fluid' despite assumption that it is complete and utter disarray behind-the-scenes. 

"[There is a] lot of work ahead for all of us," Woods said. 

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

A reporter asked Woods: "What are the specific things that you would like to see for a deal to go ahead and are you personally open to a deal with the Saudis?"

Woods said firmly: "Well I'm not going to comment on whether or not our negotiations and in that nature, except that we're making steps. That's all I can say."

Is he personally open to a deal? 

Woods said: "I'm personally involved in the process."

The 2024 PGA Championship begins 16 May. 

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