USGA CEO responds to heavy criticism of US Open broadcast

Mike Whan, the CEO of the USGA, pledged to improve the coverage of the US Open in 2023 after the broadcast came under fire last week in Brookline.

USGA CEO responds to heavy criticism of US Open broadcast
USGA CEO responds to heavy criticism of US Open broadcast

Mike Whan, the CEO of the USGA, has defended the quality of the coverage of the US Open in America after it came under heavy fire from golf fans.

No Laying Up, the popular golf podcast, criticised the coverage which was brought to American viewers by NBC and Peacock. It seems their comment was aimed at the number of adverts during the tournament.

Whan, who took over the role of chief executive on July 1 2021, lept to the defence of the coverage but also promised improvement by the 2023 US Open at Los Angeles Country Club.

"I’m on it! We have the best sports production team in the world here with our partner NBC Sports (Olympics, Super Bowl, etc.) and if the amount of interruptions are problematic, we will work with our partner to do better!" Whan responded to No Laying Up.

"More TV people here than the Super Bowl (true!) so we/the USGA will work to free them up to do what they do better than anyone. This has been a great US Open and we will work to make 2023 at LACC even better!"

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No Laying Up wasn't the only source of criticism of the broadcast. Many golf fans on social media vented their frustration at the lack of action shown across NBC and Peacock.

Some fans outlined that the coverage only showed a couple of players in the top 10 battling away to win the US Open, while some frustrations were aimed at the number of adverts.

There were further criticisms about the filler footage provided between shots, such as graphics of the Korn Ferry Tour leaderboard, LPGA Tour highlights and generic features on the USGA and other topics. 

One fan went as far as to say it was "the worst, most embarrassing coverage of any sporting event I’ve ever seen" and another fan described the broadcast as "unwatchable."

It would appear that the majority of frustrations have come from golf fans residing in America, which would suggest that UK fans watching on Sky Sports were fairly content.

As UK fans will know, Sky Sports Golf have the Rolex Hour where for one hour of the coverage, they don't show any adverts for the benefit of the viewer.

This has proven to be a popular addition to the UK coverage of golf and it would seem that the American coverage could benefit from a similar initiative. 



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