Tiger Woods team DENIES initial ball speed figure displayed at US PGA

Tiger Woods team clears up incorrect ball speed figure at the US PGA Championship. 

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Wed, 18 May 2022
Tiger Woods team DENIES initial ball speed figures displayed at US PGA

Tiger Woods' team has denied an initial graphic shared live on air during the US PGA Championship today where the 15-time major champion's latest ball speed figures are concerned. 

A graphic during the coverage on Wednesday supplied by Toptracer technology read Woods' ball speed on one particular drive had measured 185mph. 

But that was not the case, just as many coaches and golf fans considered at the time on Twitter. Woods was actually achieving around 10mph less than that initial figure. 

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"0% chance unless it’s into a 40 MPH wind 185 BS flies 290," read a tweet from West Texas Driving Range Pro. 

The incorrect ball speed figure was later confirmed according to a tweet by GOLF's Dylan Dethier, who spoke to Tiger Woods' team this afternoon.

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"Per his team, Tiger’s average ball speed with driver is about 174 this week," read Dylan's tweet.

"Can get it up to the high 170s if he steps on one. But any numbers in the mid-180s were…not correct."

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