ADVERTORIAL - Golf Homes Worldwide

The best golf property investments from Around the World...

ADVERTORIAL - Golf Homes Worldwide

ADVERTORIAL - Golf Homes Worldwide

‘The best golf property investments from Around the World’

Golf Homes Worldwide – an overseas property show with special Focus

Golf Homes Worldwide – an overseas property show with special focus

‘Golf Homes Worldwide’ promises to be an international property show with a difference, one that is focused on a market whose affluence and influence is undoubted when it comes to purchasing property...golfers and golf property!

With so many exhibitions to choose from, a show dedicated to the market it serves will provide you with the information and choice that you really want.

Golf Homes organiser Gerard Larkin has been actively involved in exhibitions for the international property market for many years and is well known and highly regarded.

He says:“Buyers of golf property overseas, tend to be more astute and selective than the majority of other markets and, quite rightly, they expect a show for their market and in an environment that they are familiar with. Hence ‘Golf Homes Worldwide’ at the prestigious East Sussex National Golf Resort &and Spa.”

Golf Homes Worldwide – an overseas property show with special Focus

“With more and more agents and developers aiming their new products squarely at the golfing fraternity and more specialist golf press advertising in national and regional titles, as well as our own extensive range of golf club brochures, we aim to provide a market of quality investment. That includes holiday and retirement property, combined with affluent motivated buyers, hungry to invest in golf property overseas.”

Golf Homes Worldwide will bring together a select choice of agents and developers offering golf property in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Dubai, Egypt, Florida, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal (including the Canaries), South Africa, Turkey and Spain (including the Balearic Islands). The exhibition will also feature independent legal, financial and investment experts.

Here are 10 ten great reasons to invest in a property on a golf course

1. A good investment - The lifestyle factors are important when planning a property purchase. However the financial aspects are key. The benefit of purchasing on a course is that the demand for golf property remains high, providing an exit from the market at any point. Buying a property off-plan will also usually result in significant capital gain by the time the course has opened.

Golf Homes Worldwide – an overseas property show with special Focus

2. Money earner - There is excellent holiday rental potential both in the domestic and foreign markets as the popularity of golf continues to grow. On some developments rental returns of up to 6 per-cent per annum are offered (for a set period of time after purchase).

3. Year-round use - Buy a property in a country such as Spain, Dubai, Florida or South Africa and not only will you be able to make the most of your property all year round but you will also have the option to rent it out 365 days a year.

4. Value for money - Compare average property prices in the UK of £200,000 to just about anywhere else in the world and you can get so much more for your money if you buy overseas. And how many opportunities are there to buy on a golf complex in the UK?

5. Not just golf - If you love golf but your partner doesn’t... never fear. There are plenty of other distractions to be found on site. Choose from tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, gym and beauty spa.

6. Family fun - Most golfing communities are very child-friendly. Look for courses and clubs which have children’s play areas and swimming pools. If you have very young children look for properties with an on site crèche to enable you to hit the course without interruption!

7. Living on the green/community living - Enjoy the pleasure of community living, where everyone you meet will be fellow golfers and where you’ll always have something to talk about!

8. Amenities - Most sites have their own bars and restaurants but some even have their own shops and cinemas so you never have to leave the grounds. Perfect for a hassle-free break.

9. Different culture - Experience the sport you love in a completely different culture where you can enjoy the “vie difference”!

10. Retirement - Buy your golfing property to enjoy now as a second home comfortable in the knowledge that it could be somewhere to retire to when the time is right.

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