3 instant fixes to avoid golf's dreaded shank!

Best golf tips to get rid of the shank from your game. 

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Tue, 6 Nov 2018
best golf tips to avoid hitting a shank


The shank. Quite possibly the most feared word in golf. 

A shank is when the club makes contact with the ball on the hosel (part of the club that joins the club face to the shaft) and sends the ball squirting well right of the initial target.

The hosel was once known as the shank, hence the name.

To make us feel a little better about the cold-blooded shank, even some PGA Tour players hit one. Just like Ian Poulter at last week's Phoenix Open - on quite possibly the worst hole to choose to do it on...

We've rounded up our resident PGA coaches to give you three great video tips and drills to eliminate the vicious shank from your game for good.

DISCLAIMER: This first tip involves the use of an IMAGINARY KNIFE, not a real one...