6 golf tips every beginner needs to try on the driving range

Best golf tips and advice for making the most of your practice. 

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Mon, 30 Jan 2017

6 golf tips every beginner needs to try on the driving range

Golf requires plenty of practice and patience if you want to improve fast - but that is where time spent on the driving range becomes invaluable.

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If you want to get the most out of your practice sessions, especially you beginners out there who are looking to take the game seriously, you need to develop a strategy during each visit.

Here are six great tips from Golf Influence's Jordan Fuller on how to do just that...

6 golf tips every beginner needs to try on the driving range

1. Start small, work your way up

When I say “start small”, I am referring to the size of the club you should begin your trip to the range with.

Whipping out your driver to get as much distance as possible isn’t a great starting point, since mistakes in your swing will be amplified with greater distance.

Try to remember that your driver will only come out of your bag about 10 times on the course (for par 4’s and par 5’s where accuracy isn’t a huge issue), and you are much more likely to need your small irons more often. Work on improving your iron play before you have some fun with your driver and woods.

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Personally, I would prefer to lose 20 yards on each of my shots if it meant I could locate the ball accurately. Accuracy and consistency should be the focus of every beginner.

I strongly suggest beginning your trip to the range with your 7-iron. Statistically, it is the most commonly-used club in your bag after your putter and your wedge, and will become a staple of your golf game as you become more experienced and your swing improves.

Pro Tip

Most driving ranges have flag markers set up at various distances.

Select two flags and try to put your ball directly between them. Think of this as if you were a football player kicking a field goal.

If you can put your ball between two markers 10 times in a row, repeat the exercise with a larger club. Continue this until you can reliably make your shots using any club in your bag.

This increases your accuracy and consistency, and also helps teach you that the pin is not always the best target.