Dustin Johnson: Breaking down The Masters champion's swing

In this video, PGA Professional Adam Glass talks us through the athletic swing of Dustin Johnson.

Dustin Johnson: Breaking down The Masters champion's swing
Dustin Johnson: Breaking down The Masters champion's swing

If you're a golf fan and were watching shadow copies of the swings of PGA Tour players, you'd easily pick pick out the swing of Dustin Johnson, as it's one of the most recognisable swings in the game.

It's a truly athletic swing that most amatuer golfers don't have the flexibility to repeat, but its brought Johnson an incredible amount of success, including two major championships, including victory at The Masters earlier this month.

Most of us have tried copying the famous bowed wrist that Johnson uses at the op of his backswing whilst down at the driving range and I for one find it very difficult to pull off, but is it something that amateur golfers should be trying to add to their swing?

In the video below, PGA Professional Adam Glass analyses Johnson's swing and explains why he makes certain movements.


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