Golf Tips: How to shallow your downswing and STOP a dreaded slice!

Golf Tips: PGA pro Steven Went with helpful tips on how using a tee in a simple range drill can help you shallow your downswing and eliminate that dreaded slice.

Golf Tips: How to shallow your downswing and STOP a dreaded slice!

In need of a quick and simple golf tip that you can take down the range to help fix your slice? You're in luck.

Having a downswing that comes in too steep can lead to some terrible shots, mainly the dreaded slice or chunking the turf way before the ball.

Shallowing your downswing can not only help cure your slice, but it will also lead to a more consistent swing that helps you hit straighter shots a lot more often.

PGA pro Steven Went is back on the GolfMagic YouTube channel to show you how a simple golf tee can be the key to shallowing your swing.



Using a long golf tee at the driving range is a fantastic way to get a feel for shallowing your swing.

Lots of amateur golfers try to shallow their swing by dropping the hands on the way down, but the more natural you make the change, the better results you will see.

Tee your ball up nice and high on the driving range and using an iron, try to hit the ball off the tee.

If you're someone with a steep downswing who tends to hit a lot of 'fat' shots, then what you will see happen is your club will go straight under the ball, striking the tee and your ball will most likely stay on the mat.

If this happens, try the shot again and really focus on hitting the ball not the tee. By doing this, you will naturally start to shallow your swing without even realising.

Once you're consistently hitting the ball off of the high tee, start to lower the tee and continue the routine until you can practice without using a tee at all and you should start to see some fantastic results.

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