How best to save THREE SHOTS per round of golf...

PGA Professional Adam Glass provides us with his three simple tips to help lower your scores.

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Wed, 20 Mar 2019
How best to save THREE SHOTS per round of golf...

Fancy saving yourself up to THREE SHOTS per round? We sat down with Adam Glass, PGA Professional at De Vere Wokefield Estate Golf Club to get his top three tips to do just that every time you play a round of golf...

Best golf tips: Get your alignment right


Tip 1:

Too many amateurs miss putts inside of three feet. Pro golfers hole 97% of putts inside of three feet. It’s not physically demanding but can really tidy up a scorecard. I would say check your alignment, you can learn to be great at holing out once you learn to aim.

Tip 2:

Try to finish the round with the golf ball you started with. I see so many amateurs trying to hit heroic shots when they would be far better keeping the ball in play even if that means the 5-iron off the tee. Try to think smarter in order to save shots. 

Tip 3:

Get out of bunkers first time. It’s no good hitting a great drive and hitting the approach 10 yards short only to take another four shots to get out of the free side trap. To help, try going to a practice bunker and hitting a line in the sand to get a consistent low point, don’t be scared to get the face wide open.