How to STOP SLICING your golf ball | Monday Shank Ep.3

How to fix your slice - GolfMagic's Alex Lodge looks at the reasons why you slice a golf ball and how to fix it fast...

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Mon, 1 Feb 2021
How to STOP SLICING your golf ball | Monday Shank Ep.3

Fed up of constantly slicing your golf ball? Well you will definitely want to check out these simple drills and tips from GolfMagic's Alex Lodge in our latest 'Monday Shank' video tips series on our YouTube channel. 

Alex looks at the reasons why you will be slicing your golf ball, and also offers you quick fixes that you can take out onto the range and then the course the next time you get to play. WATCH the video below: 




1) Don't swing at 100%, try to swing at 70%, and put something slightly behind and to the right of your golf ball. This will ensure you don't have that out-to-in swing path that will cause you to slice your golf ball. Try putting a golf ball, glove or basket down there. It will make you stop hitting from out to in, and you will ingrain a more neutral swing into your game. The more you practice this, you will be able to take this feeling onto the course. It will take some time like most things when it comes to improvements to a golf swing, so don't get frustrated if you can't do it to begin with, but it will make a huge difference to your ball striking. It will make you understand the feeling of why you are swinging from out to in, so it's a fantastic self-teaching drill.

2) Another great drill is to set up before the ball. This will be much less likely for you to have an out-to-in swing path because you are further away from the ball. You can really understand the feeling here. Try this 10 times and feel like you are hitting on the inside of the golf ball to create a more neutral golf swing.