REVEALED: Exploding the 4 biggest myths of the golf swing!

PGA pro James Whittemore reveals the four biggest myths when it comes to the golf swing

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Thu, 24 Sep 2020
REVEALED: Exploding the 4 biggest myths of the golf swing

In the latest episode of our new instruction series with PGA professional James Whittemore at Wellingborough Golf Club, our resident coach reveals the FOUR BIGGEST MYTHS when it comes to the golf swing. 

Check out the video below as James explodes the myths he typically hears to ensure you stop following bad advice that you might be receiving from other players out there... 


1) "You hit that better because you kept your head down..." - Well, you didn't. As you make a golf swing, you want to keep your head down on the backswing and keep your eye on the ball. That's granted. As I make my follow through, if I keep my head there it's almost impossible for me to keep rotated. My body won't move if my head is down and fixed in that position. 

2) "I lifted my head there..." - No, it's not your head that lifted, it's your body that is lifting. Normally what comes with lifting your head is a top. You didn't. You are up and out, which in turn, moves your head. You want to keep yourself in posture the whole time and keep moving through the ball. 

3) "That looked a bit quick..." - This usually follows a snap hook into the trees. They may have been quick, but more than likely they did not rotate. How long is a piece of string? You could be quick at the start, the middle, the end of the swing. Just think about where you're trying to use your speed. Think about coiling a spring to use your power and speed. Normally the quick saying comes from hands and arm movements, and not moving your body. I want you to wind up and use your speed into the ball that way round. 

4) "You took your eye off the ball..." - Again, it's not really necessary true. Look at Annika Sorenstam, David Duval, Henrik Stenson. As they hit the ball, they are almost half way down the target line with their eyes. The more you can allow your head and body to work together, the more consistent you will become hitting golf shots. Let yourself naturally flow through the ball, finish up at the target and control the pattern. Go and have a look at Sorenstam, Duval and Stenson hitting the ball to see what I mean.