TIP 6: Knockdown shots

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Tue, 18 Jul 2017


Knockdown shots are essential on a links course, especially on a windy day. 

The key is to try and avoid the hay and those pot bunkers. 

TIP 6: Knockdown shots

With a full shot with the driver, we would normally tee it up nice and high. For this, we want to peg the ball a little lower. Steepen our angle angle of attack to produce a bit more spin loft and that's going to reduce the distance. It will be much more controllable though. 

Pop the ball a little further back in the stance too. 

TIP 6: Knockdown shots

With the iron, if you want to play a knockdown shot into the wind on a par 3, we want to swing at three quarters on the back swing. 

On the through swing, we want to take the club to chest height. 

TIP 6: Knockdown shots

Because we're not releasing the club as much what you will find is that will keep the flight down. The more release we have the more clubhead speed we generate. That produces more spin, the ball goes higher and the wind affects it. If we can reduce that, the ball will travel much better in the wind. 

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