Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2024: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

We have tested and reviewed the best waterproof and weatherproof jackets for golf in 2024 to help you make a decision on which one is right for you this winter.

Best Waterproof Jackets 2023
Best Waterproof Jackets 2023

Golf isn't just a summer sport. With the right gear, you can tee off even in the cold and wet months of winter.

In order to do so, though, you need suitable clothing, especially a reliable waterproof golf jacket. Ordinary layers won't cut it when the elements turn harsh.

To source the best and most durable options on the market, we've tested a number of jackets from the most recognised brands in the category, including Galvin Green and PING

We've battled the wind and rain as well as put each jacket through a vigorous shower with a rather large water bottle in order to thoroughly test out just how well each of these jackets holds up when faced with the toughest winter conditions. 

So, without further ado, let's get into it.

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2024

Galvin Green Amos Waterproof Jacket
Galvin Green Amos Waterproof Jacket

Galvin Green Amos Waterproof Jacket

Key Features:

  • GORE-TEX C-knit fabric: provides unbeatable protection from wind and rain while also allowing for a full range of movement during the golf swing
  • Lightweight construction: allows the jacket to be easily stored in a golf bag
  • Hoodie: delivers additional defence against the elements


  • Sleek design is ideal for on and off course wear
  • Fully waterproof construction provides outstanding protection from the elements
  • The hooded design delivers additional defence from the wind and rain


No notable cons

Colours: Navy, Forged Iron, Sharkskin, Blue

Material: DRYVR, GORE-TEX C-knit 

Price: £369



Galvin Green stands as the pinnacle of waterproof golf attire, consistently setting the standard in the industry. Their latest offering, the Amos jacket, epitomises their commitment to excellence. 

Featuring an adjustable hood for added protection, the Amos jacket effortlessly shields against the elements, even in the most relentless downpours. Surprisingly comfortable and unobtrusive during swings, the hood proves to be a game-changer.

Crafted with premium materials and thoughtful design, the Amos jacket boasts seamless functionality. Its GORE-TEX fabric ensures complete dryness, while adjustable wrists and strategically placed pockets enhance practicality. 

The jacket's sleek, versatile design transitions seamlessly from the course to everyday wear, making it by far the most versatile jacket on this list. 

With its impeccable construction and enduring style, the Amos jacket justifies its premium price tag. Offering unparalleled performance and timeless appeal, it's a worthy investment for any golfer seeking top-tier waterproof gear. 

Galvin Green Axley
Galvin Green Axley

Galvin Green Axley Waterproof Jacket

Key Features:

  • GORE-TEX construction
  • PFC (EC) free water repellent treatment
  • Adjustable cuffs and chest tabs


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Kept us bone dry during rain showers
  • Perfectly designed to allow a full range of movement throughout the golf swing


  • Would have been nice to have front pockets

Colours: Black/Forged Iron, Navy/Cool Grey/White, Navy/Blue/White

Material: GORE-TEX 100% 

Price: £289

The first words that come to mind when we think of waterproof jackets are Galvin and Green. The brand has been so synonymous with waterproof clothing they have become the gold standard in the category, with a number of players on both the PGA and DP World Tour depending on the brand when the weather gets rough. 

The Axley is a fantastic half-zip waterproof jacket that provides outstanding protection from both wind and rain. The jacket is constructed from GORE-TEX, which is the most breathable and lightweight fabric on the market, offering unbeatable comfort and waterproof protection. 

With some waterproof layers, you can sometimes feel slightly restricted in your swing, but thankfully, due to the shaped arms and incredibly lightweight construction, we had no issues at all moving freely and swinging hard without impediment. 

Another key feature of any waterproof jacket is how easy it is to get on and off. Rain showers can strike at any moment, so being able to easily slip a jacket on over your other layers is essential. Thankfully, the Axley is designed with a mesh lining that glides easily over any material, which makes putting the jacket on take no longer than a couple of seconds. 

Offering best-in-class waterproof protection, unbeatable comfort and superb styling, the Axley is a must-buy for any serious golfer who wants to tackle the elements this winter. 


PING SensorDry 2.5 Graphene Suit

Key features:

  • Engineered with Graphene
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • PFC-free, water-resistant finish 


  • Blue and black design looks fantastic
  • Graphene print does a fantastic job of retaining body warmth
  • Lightweight and easy to take on and off


  • The size came up a bit big - make sure to try your jacket on before the purchase

Colour: Black/Black, North Sea/Black

Material: Polyester 100%

Price: £199.99

View Deal at American Golf

The PING SensorDry 2.5 Graphene Suit boasts complete seam-sealing and an interior Graphene print that effectively retains body heat, making it a standout option for those seeking added warmth from their jacket. It features a water-resistant finish, a practical two-way centre front zip, adjustable cuff tabs, and two front zip pockets for storage convenience.

In our waterproof jacket test, we found it to not only perform admirably but also to look great. The striking blue colour option was one of our favourites on this list, and it looked great with a wide range of trouser options. 

Despite heavy rain, the jacket remained lightweight and effectively repelled both rain and wind during typical harsh winter conditions. We also experienced no loss of mobility when wearing the jacket, with the fabric gliding effortlessly over our inner garments without catching or bunching in awkward areas. 

Despite the jacket's relatively thin construction, thanks to the graphene-printed lining, it kept us remarkably warm during windy conditions, which was a particularly impressive feature. 

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket
Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket

Key Features:

  • Quilted windproof padding at the front and back of the body
  • Side panels and sleeves are made of a 4-way stretch waterproof fabric
  • PFC-free water-repellent treatment


  • Quilted padding on the front and back provides excellent warmth
  • Inner pockets on the front are ideal for keeping your hands warm
  • Snug and comfortable fit that offers plenty of room to move.


  • No notable cons

Colours: Navy, Black

Material: Polyester 100%

Price: £189

View Deal at Clubhouse Golf

Putting on the Abacus PDX Waterproof Jacket is like hugging an old friend. The Padding gives you a warm embrace when the jacket is zipped up, providing the most comfortable wearing experience of any jacket on this list. 

The slightly looser fitting four-way stretch sleeves with elasticated cuffs provide plenty of room to swing freely, and that same fabric is used on the sides and shoulders to ensure a full range of movement, enabling a free and unimpeded golf swing. 

The padding on the front and back not only provides an excellent level of warmth but it also looks great. The contoured finish gives the jacket a high-quality look that provides an excellent variety of textures. 

The PDX jacket passed our water dousing test with ease, with not a single drop managing to break through the water-repellent treatment.

Callaway Stormguard III
Callaway Stormguard III

Callaway StormGuard III Waterproof Jacket

Key Features:

  • Waterproof to 15,000mm
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Fully seam-sealed pockets


  • Provides outstanding protection from wind and rain
  • Synthetic inner cuffs keep your wrists very warm
  • Very durable material


  • The heaviest jacket on this list

Material: Polyester 84% Polyurethane 16%

Colours: Black, Tobacco Brown, Lapis Blue

Price: £149.95

View Deal at Function18

In the unpredictable English weather, a reliable waterproof jacket like Callaway's StormGuard III is a game-changer. Made from durable SINGTEX Protector fabric, it effortlessly withstands heavy rain and keeps you warm with its windproof properties.

Adjustability is one of the jacket's strong suits, featuring an adjustable toggle hem and adjustable velcro tab cuffs on the sleeves. Though the cuffs are slightly wide, their synthetic inner sleeves keep your wrists dry and cosy.

Two spacious, waterproof pockets provide a safe haven for your on-course essentials.

While the design is understated in black and grey, it prioritises functionality over fashion. The fleece-lined collar adds comfort, and the Motion Bi-Swing back pleat inserts allow for unrestricted movement during swings. This jacket impressively marries form and function, making it an excellent choice for unpredictable weather on the golf course.

Read our full Callaway StormGuard III review

Under Armour
Under Armour

Under Armour Stormproof 3.0 Waterproof Jacket

Key Features: 

  • 100% waterproof & breathable 2.5-layer bonded fabric with fully taped seams
  • Zip pockets on the side for your hands
  • Adjustable bottom hem & cuffs for a custom, secure fit


  • We love the white design
  • Very affordable price point
  • Light and easy to stash in any golf bag


  • Although we love the white design, it does show up dirt more easily

Material: Polyester 100%

Colours: Black/Pitch Gray, White/Midnight Navy, Dark Maroon/Mod Gray

Price: £129.99

It feels like you rarely see white waterproof jackets these days, so when we opened up the Under Armour Stormproof 3.0 we were delighted to see the brand had opted to add a splash of white to the front of its new model. 

The colour block design works really nicely and allows the jackets to pair well with a wide variety of different coloured trousers. 

In terms of performance, the jacket held up really well against wind and rain, and even when we put it through our vigorous water bottle test, there was no sign of any water having permeated the jacket.

Offering quite a loose fit, the jacket fits really nicely over mid-layers, and thanks to the additional room in the sleeves, there was no bunching of material. 

Overall, the jacket is an excellent waterproof option and one of our favourite designs of 2023.

Crew Clothing Showerproof Technical Jacket
Crew Clothing Showerproof Technical Jacket

Crew Clothing Showerproof Technical Jacket

Key Features:

  • Vibrant colour block design
  • Underarm ventilation


  • Lightweight and easy to stash in a golf bag
  • Breathable fabric and underarm ventilation prevent you from getting too hot


  • Only showerproof

Material: Nylon 88% Elastane 12%

Colours: Green/Blue/White, White/Black/Pink

Price: £105

View Deal at Crew Clothing  

While this technical jacket from Crew Clothing isn't fully waterproof, it did hold up really well when we encountered drizzle and slightly heavier showers. Now, we didn't encounter some of the torrential downpours you can get caught in on the course, but for a typically blustery day with mild showers, this jacket held its own nicely. 

The construction is lightweight, and the mesh lining also allows the jacket to move well over other garments, making it easy to get on and off in a hurry.

The block colour design is bright without being garish, and the light blue is complimented nicely by the dark shoulders to give the jacket a flattering silhouette. 

All in all, despite not being as good at repelling water as the other jackets on this list, this jacket from Crew would still make an excellent choice for year-round golf. 

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets 2024: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

Testing Waterproof Golf Jackets

To evaluate waterproof golf jackets, we conduct comprehensive assessments. These tests cover not only rain protection but also warmth and insulation.

Our primary focus is on assessing how well these jackets perform in harsh, rainy conditions. This is critical for providing you with accurate insights into their strengths and weaknesses, especially in typical winter weather.

In order to thoroughly test each jacket, we not only played multiple rounds wearing each one, but we also laid them out and poured water all over them to thoroughly test how waterproof they were. 

Warmth and Comfort

When you're out on the golf course during the colder months, staying warm is crucial for both your performance and enjoyment. A waterproof golf jacket should be more than just rain protection; it should also provide insulation to keep you comfortably warm.

The PING SensorDry 2.5 Graphene Suit, for example, uses cutting-edge Graphene technology to maintain thermal conductivity, ensuring you can play your game in cold weather without feeling discomfort or restricting your swing.

Waterproof Performance

The primary function of any waterproof golf jacket is right there in the name - it must be waterproof. When the rain pours down, you want your jacket to repel water effectively, ensuring it doesn't penetrate and reach your skin. A reliable waterproof golf jacket should not only keep you dry for a short while but also maintain its waterproofing capabilities over the course of several rounds.

Keep in mind that the level of waterproofness often corresponds with the price. Investing in options like the Galvin Green Axley Jacket can ensure you stay dry and warm for an extended period, even when the rain keeps falling.

Lightweight and Mobility

Waterproof golf jackets tend to be thicker and heavier than typical mid-layers or jumpers, but that doesn't mean they can't offer a lightweight and comfortable feel. When trying on a new waterproof golf jacket, make sure it feels as comfortable as any other light layer.

A good waterproof golf jacket should provide relief on cold and wet days without burdening you with unnecessary weight.

Freedom of Movement

Apart from weight, freedom of movement is another vital factor to consider. Your swing should remain fluid and unhindered regardless of adverse weather conditions. The jacket you choose should accommodate your movement as much as possible.

It's a good idea to explore jackets with various size options, allowing you to select one that permits your arms to move freely, just as they would without the jacket.

Budget vs. Quality

While it's true that more expensive waterproof golf jackets often deliver superior performance, a lower price doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing quality. Much like choosing golf clubs, the price usually correlates with the overall quality and features.

However, there are exceptions. Jackets like the Galvin Green Axley jacket and the Abacus PDX jacket offer an excellent balance between performance and value. Consider the qualities and features of different jackets relative to their prices to determine which one provides the best value for your specific needs.

How often should I change my waterproof golf jacket?

Wondering when to swap out your waterproof golf jacket? It's simple: Keep it if it still keeps you dry and cosy. But if it's been a few years and the protection is waning, it's time for a new one.

Remember, investing more upfront often means greater durability. Holes or gaps? That's a clear signal for a replacement.

As for timing, no strict schedule applies. Let the jacket's condition be your guide. And if you're outgrowing it – it's time for an upgrade!

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