Best Waterproof Golf Jacket 2023: Buyers Guide and things you need to know

We have tested and reviewed the best waterproof and weatherproof jackets for golf in 2023 to help you make a decision on which item is right for you this winter.

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Fri, 24 Feb 2023
Best Waterproof Golf Jacket: Buyers Guide and things you need to know

Golf is thoroughly enjoyable in the summer. The sun is out, the greens are fast and the fairways are hard. But you can enjoy golf for 12 months a year, including the cold and wet months of the winter.

In order to transfer your solid summer form to the winter, you need the correct clothing and an appropriate waterproof golf jacket to see you through the wind and the rain.

Normal midlayers and jumpers won’t wash when harsh conditions arrive in the coming months.

Waterproof golf jackets and weatherproof golf jackets are the real deal and we want to tell you about the best ones we have tested in 2023.

Our latest guide on the best golf waterproof jackets will be regularly updated throughout the year with all of our latest waterproof golf jacket reviews. So be sure to keep coming back here to check it out. 

In this guide, wel talk you through how we test waterproof golf jackets and how they faired out on the golf course in winter conditions.

There are a number of features that you must consider before purchasing your new waterproof golf jacket.

It must fit you well, keep you warm and allow you to swing freely as we kiss goodbye to the warm months. 

What are golf waterproofs and why do I need them?

Waterproof golf jackets can be part of a full suit that you must invest in if you want to improve your handicap and get better in the winter.

Of all sports you can think of, protective clothing from the weather is no more important than in golf. You are going to be outside for up to four hours, so you need to keep warm and dry.

You may think that once the summer is gone, normal golf jackets, midlayers and trousers will get you by in the winter. This is not the case.

Protection is a keyword when it comes to waterproof golf jackets. Your body needs protection from the elements and this is the main object of wearing waterproof clothing on the golf course.

You need a good waterproof golf jacket because, without one, your game wouldn’t be able to function in the winter as it does in the summer.

What should you look for in waterproof golf jackets?


As waterproof golf jackets are mostly worn in the coldest months of the year, you need a jacket that will keep you warm on the golf course.

If you feel cold on the golf course, this will cause discomfort and stop you from swinging your swing. Waterproof golf jackets help you to play your game in cold weather.

The PING SensorDry 2.5 Graphene Suit uses Graphene to maintain thermal conductivity and this is an example of how brands invest in technology to keep your bodies warm.


It goes without saying that waterproof golf jackets need to be waterproof. You want to see rainwater sit on your jacket and bounce off, rather than break through to your skin.

If rainwater eventually gets to your skin and under layers, this is no good. You need a waterproof golf jacket that is durable across a number of rounds as well, not one that will see you through 18 holes.

The level of how waterproof a jacket is can be guided by price. If you are willing to make a bigger investment in the Galvin Green Action Jacket, for example, you’ll remain dry and warm for longer.


Waterproof golf jackets are thicker and heavier than normal midlayers and jumpers, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be light and provide relief on cold and wet days.

When you try on your new waterproof golf jacket before buying it, you want it to be comfortable and for it to feel like any other light layer. This is a key feature of what makes a good waterproof golf jacket.

Freedom of movement

As well as the weight of your waterproof golf jacket, freedom of movement and tightness is very important. Your swing shouldn’t be restricted just because the weather is adverse and your jacket should accommodate your movement as much as possible.

If your new jacket has a number of size options, we would suggest you use this room to manoeuvre and try different sizes, ensuring that your arms can go all the way back and through, as they would if you didn’t have the jacket on.


As we’ve previously mentioned, more expensive waterproof golf jackets are far more likely to keep you dryer and warmer. Such as with golf drivers, wedges and irons, the price usually dictates the quality.

However, this doesn’t mean a waterproof golf jacket with a lower price doesn’t deliver quality. From the Galvin Green Action Jacket to the Stuburt Evolution Waterproof Jacket, you should equate their qualities to their prices and discover which waterproof offers you the best value.

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Okay, let's get stuck into our waterproof golf jacket test, starting with our pick of the bunch...

1. Galvin Green Action Jacket

Key features: Gore-Tex C-Knit fabric | Techsteel fabric | 100% polyester | Adjustable cuffs

Price: £459.00


  • Very lightweight and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a jacket
  • Good warmth and provides protection against the elements
  • Stylish and modern fit
  • Extremely durable 
  • We enjoyed Galvin Green’s customer service as an added extra


  • Very expensive

The Galvin Green Action jacket is a premium full-zip waterproof garment with Gore-Tex C-knit fabric. 

The shoulders and lower back have been reinforced with Techsteel fabric that is made to handle abrasion when you’re carrying your golf bag.

The Gore-Tex super-stretch fabric is in the back and elbows to ensure comfort and the jacket also includes carbon-printed zippers, chest tabs and shaped sleeves.

We found this waterproof jacket to be very light and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a jacket that needs to protect you from the hardest conditions in the game. A light feeling is very important with waterproof jackets and we particularly enjoyed this feature here.

We were pleased with how warm it kept us on the golf course and it provides solid protection from the wind and rain. We liked how durable this jacket was when we wore it over a number of rounds.

It has a stylish and modern fit, but as you could guess with Galvin Green, the price tag is hefty and this should come into the equation when buying your new waterproof jacket.


2. PING SensorDry 2.5 Graphene Suit

Key features: Engineered with Graphene | Adjustable cuffs | 100% polyester | PFC-free, water-resistant finish 

Price: £225.00


  • Great looking waterproof jacket
  • Blue colourway stands out and this is our favourite choice
  • Doesn’t feel heavy after use in heavy rain


  • The size came up a bit big - make sure to try your jacket on before the purchase

The PING SensorDry 2.5 Graphene Suit is fully seam-sealed and the Graphene print on the inside of the fabric is meant to conduct and retain body heat. Graphene is a key feature that maintains thermal conductivity.

It has been made with a water-resistant finish and a two-way centre front zip. There are also adjustable cuff tabs and two front zip pockets which are useful for storage.

After we tested this waterproof jacket, we judged it to have a great look. The blue colourway really stands out and this colourway is our favourite from each option.

The jacket doesn’t feel too heavy after using it in heavy rain. In harsh conditions which are common in the winter, it held off rain and wind very well. We were impressed with this waterproof jacket’s weatherproof resistance.

It is important for a jacket not to feel heavy on your body in the rain because this can cause a strain on your swing which ultimately has a negative effect on your game.

We also thought this jacket withheld heat very well. The Graphene feature was evident and this waterproof jacket delivers what you want when playing golf in the winter.


3. Under Armour Storm Proof 2.0 Jacket 

Key features: UA Storm Technology | Adjustable cuffs | 100% polyester | Zip hand pockets

Price: £130.00


  • The best looks from this list of waterproof golf jackets
  • Very lightweight in all weather conditions


  • The fit could be more tapered and close to the body

The Under Armour Storm Proof 2.0 Jacket uses UA Storm technology to repel water without sacrificing breathability in tough conditions.

It is 100% waterproof and the breathable 2.5-layer bonded fabric has fully taped seams. There are also secure zip hand pockets and adjustable cuffs.

Of all the waterproof jackets we tested, this is the best-looking one. It has a very modern look and the colourway is striking and impressive.

The jacket is not only breathable, but it was very light when we wore it on the golf course. The technology used in this item certainly delivers the insulation that it promises.

As much as technology delivers warmth, our only criticism of this waterproof jacket is that it could be more tapered and close to the body. It feels slightly loose and if it was tighter, you could feel the benefit of the impressive technology.

As with the Oscar Jacobson Eastwood jacket, we also liked the adjustable cuffs which helpt to adjust fit and comfort.


4. Oscar Jacobson Eastwood 

Key features: Adjustable Velcro at cuffs, collar and waistline | Waterproof zips | 100% polyester | Waterproof zippered pockets

Price: £149.99


  • Very comfortable and fits well for a waterproof golf jacket
  • Adjustable cuffs provide additional sizing options


  • The overall feel of the material doesn’t justify the price

The Oscar Jacobson Eastwood waterproof jacket is constructed to be breathable and light with adjustable Velcro at the cuffs, the collar and the waistline.

This waterproof jacket is 100% polyester and features waterproof zippered pockets. It comes with a three-year waterproof guarantee and a personalised fit too.

When we tested the Eastwood waterproof jacket, we found it to be very, very comfortable indeed. It is well fitting for a waterproof jacket, as some jackets can be loose and heavy which has a negative effect on your swing.

The adjustable cuffs offer flexibility in your size choice and we found this to benefit the good fit on the body and the arms. 

The price tag is not as expensive as other waterproof jackets such as the PING SensorDry 2.5 Graphene Suit or the Galvin Green Action jacket, but the overall feel of the material when playing golf wasn’t perfect.

Although we liked the fit and the versatile fit with the adjustable cuffs, feel and comfort isn’t guaranteed with this waterproof jacket. 


5. Stuburt Evolution Waterproof Jacket 

Key features: DRI-Back membrane technology | Shaped inner stretch cuffs | 100% polyester | 3000MM Breathable and moisture permeable

Price: £79.99


  • Exceptional value for money
  • The material is lightweight and snug


  • Material is not as waterproof as other jackets, especially in heavy rain
  • Limited sizing options

The Stuburt Evolution Waterproof jacket is 100% polyester and made with DRI-Back membrane technology. It is made with a high degree of waterproof pressure resistance and breathable material.

This jacket comes with a chest pocket, shaped inner stretch cuffs, fleece-lined pockets and concealed zipped waist pockets.

This waterproof jacket is the best value for money in this market. For the fit, warmth and lightweight feel that this offers, it is a far cheaper and better option than other products with bigger price tags.

However, the material is not as waterproof as other materials used in other jackets. This made it less durable in the wind and the rain than other waterproof jackets on the golf course.


How do we test waterproof golf jackets?

Waterproof golf jackets don’t just need to be tested in the rain because warmth and insulation are also important features to assess.

However, the true quality of waterproof golf jackets is ultimately proven in the rain and so we tested each product in tough conditions.

It is important to test the waterproof golf jackets in the rain because we are then able to accurately guide you on their strengths and weaknesses and how they perform in typical winter conditions.

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge tests these waterproof golf jackets over a number of rounds too, in order to assess their durability and use over a sustained period of time.

One round of golf is not enough to get an accurate judgement of these waterproof golf jackets. We aim to get a well-rounded view of their waterproofness, thermal conductivity, comfort and fit.

How often should I change my waterproof golf jacket?

It is important to keep tabs on how your waterproof golf jacket is holding up. If it is still keeping you warm and dry, then there is no need to change your jacket.

But if you have had your jacket for a number of years, the durability and quality may be diminishing. When you begin to feel less protection, this is time to buy a new waterproof golf jacket.

One rule of buying a waterproof golf jacket is in general, the more you spend on it, the more durable it will be and the better time it will be served in your wardrobe.

Sometimes, holes and gaps can develop in your waterproof clothing. Perhaps you have ripped it on something or you’ve simply come to the end of the road with the jacket.

If holes appear in your jacket, this is a clear sign that you need a new golf waterproof jacket. 

In terms of how often you should change your jacket, there is no set period or window you should follow. The durability of your waterproof golf jacket will guide how long you need to replace it.

You might be a young golfer growing in size and strength with every round. Your waterproof golf jacket might be too small for you now and this is another point when a further investment will be needed.

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