Best Fairway Woods 2023: Buyer's Guide and things you need to know

Your guide to the best fairway woods on the market and the clubs best suited to help you bring your scores down this season. 

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Tue, 1 Aug 2023
Best Fairway Woods 2023

Selecting one of the best fairway woods can sometimes seem like a tricky decision, but with that in mind GolfMagic has done extensive testing this season to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choice.

After testing out the Best Golf Drivers on the market, GolfMagic assessed the newest golf fairway woods from all the biggest brands in the game, including Callaway, TaylorMade, PING, Cobra and Titleist.

Our priority is ensuring you have all the information needed to make sure your hard-earned money is put to good use, so we have rounded up fairway woods from all of the best brands in golf and tested them extensively in a variety of different conditions to guarantee our process is fair and accurate. 

How we test

During our testing process, we hit each fairway wood over a month-long period, putting the clubs through their paces in a variety of different conditions to ensure our results are as close to those you may encounter on the course. 

Every test at GolfMagic is done in the same setting and environment as its competitors, so we can ensure zero bias in the results. We also make sure the person doing the testing is the right person for the job, whether it's GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge or another member of our experienced testing team.

We conduct our testing in an indoor studio at Gray's Golf with a GC Quad and Trackman, as well as out on the course at Mannings Heath Golf & Wine Estate using a Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor.

Aesthetics are also taken into consideration, with a full review of looks done in hand and at address over the ball. Although golf shot data is a key indicator of which club will suit your swing best, it's also important the club in question is going to inspire confidence before you pull the trigger. 


Okay, without further ado, here's our ranking of the best golf fairway woods of 2023...





























Best Golf Fairway Woods 2023

The latest selection of fairway woods this year is undoubtedly one of the strongest we've ever seen, but we've narrowed down our favourites here at GolfMagic to help you decide which club is best fit for your game. 

While the majority of brands promote added distance and forgiveness on top of improved looks, only a handful of them truly deliver it all. 

Let's take a look at the best fairway woods of 2023, starting with what we consider the best of the bunch: 

1. TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • Multi-material head construction: A blend of carbon, titanium and steel is used to optimise weight distribution across the head for increased forgiveness
  • V Steel sole design: Offers a more rounded leading edge, leading to improved turf interaction and increased versatility from a variety of different lies
  • Adjustable 50g weight: Provides the option for a wide variety of different ball flights and spin rates
  • Advanced Inverted Cone Technology: Optimised face thickness to promote increased ball speed across the entire face and improve durability

Price: £379


  • Movable 50g weight makes it incredibly versatile with a variety of different ball flights achievable with a slight adjustment
  • One of the best clubs we tested in terms of dispersion from off centre hits
  • Excellent ball speeds and carry distance


  • At £379, it's one of the most expensive clubs we tested

The entire Stealth 2 fairway wood range from TaylorMade is really impressive, and it was very difficult to pick between each of the models, but the Stealth 2 Plus came out on top in our testing, largely thanks to its innovative 50g adjustable weight. 

We achieved fantastic all-round performance from this club with our Equipment Editor Alex Lodge producing 303 yards of total distance with ball speeds averaging 166.8 mph. 

While these numbers alone were impressive, it was the adjustability on offer that convinced us to rank it as our No.1 fairway wood of 2023.

The adjustable 50g weight can transform this fairway wood from a low-spinning rocket ship when the weight is in the front to an ultra-forgiving fairway finder that launches high and lands soft when the weight is in the back.

The combination of the moveable weight and the FCT loft sleeve gives the Stealth 2 Plus a huge range of different spin and loft varieties. 

Suitable for almost all players due to its changeable weight and loft sleeve, we would recommend tinkering with it to find your optimum setup. Due to the low spinning nature of the club, however, it's potentially one to steer clear of for low swing speed players. 

In terms of performance, the Stealth 2 Plus performed incredibly well with the weight at the front, middle and back. As previously mentioned, with the weight at the front, you can achieve a more piercing ball flight for added distance off the tee. When moved further back, the club produces more spin, increased forgiveness and a higher launch, making it more of a fairway finder. 

At £379, the Stealth 2 Plus doesn't come cheap, and with the performance we've seen from the entire Stealth 2 range, it's certainly worth going to get fit for the right club to suit you. The Stealth 2 Plus was the one for us, though, thanks to its adjustability and versatility. 

All in all a fantastic fairway wood that would be an excellent addition to almost all golfer's bags.


2. Callaway Paradym Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • Jailbreak Batwing Technology: Designed to increase stiffness in the head for greater face flexure resulting in higher ball speeds and improved distance
  • Forged carbon sole: Enables weight to be redistributed to the outside of the head for higher MOI and maximised distance
  • Tungsten Speed Cartridge: A 23g tungsten weight that pushes the centre of gravity low and forward for optimal launch and spin

Price: £379


  • Explosive ball speeds and good distance will suit a wide range of golfers
  • The springy and solid feel of the face was very satisfying
  • Good forgiveness across the face
  • One of the best looking fairway wood we have tested


  • £379 is a big price tag for a fairway wood

Callway engineers attempted to reimagine how a fairway wood is built with the Paradym range, with emphasis being put on weight distribution throughout the head. 

The lightweight forged carbon sole was designed to move weight towards to the outside for higher MOI and increased forgiveness, while the Tungsten Speed Cartridge weighing 23 grams was placed behind the face, moving the centre of gravity forward and lower for optimal launch and spin.

Did the engineers achieve what they set out to do? Absolutely. We were very impressed with the numbers we saw when testing the full range of fairway woods, but due to the forgiveness on offer and the wide range of players that could use it, the Paradym was our choice for second place in our rankings. 

With a slightly bigger head, the Paradym is confidence inspiring in both looks and performance. Reaching ball speeds of 163mph with spin rates hovering around 3600rpm, the Paradym was hitting total yardages of 295 yards, making it one of the longer three woods we tested. Combine this with the forgiveness we experienced on off-centre hits and the club's high launch, it could be the ideal driver alternative for a lot of golfers on the tee box.

In terms of feel, we also noticed a big improvement from previous Callaway models, with a noticeably springy feel from the club face. 

Looks are another factor to consider when purchasing a new fairway wood, and Callaway's offering certainly ticked a lot of boxes for us. The mixed material crown looks beautiful sat behind the ball, with the subtle carbon underlay being one of our favourite features of the new design. The sole of the club is also a sight to behold, with the gold Tungsten Speed Cartridge complimenting the blue and black colourway perfectly.

With superb distance, forgiveness and feel on offer, the Paradym is a must-try if you are looking to get fit for a new fairway wood. Despite the high price point, you certainly get your money's worth.


3. Cobra Aerojet Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • PWR-Bridge Weighting: Innovative suspended bridge weight design enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, and positions the CG low and forward to unleash faster ball speed performance
  • PWRSHELL with H.O.T Face: Developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a hotter face
  • Carbon fibre crown: Enables a lower CG position for higher launch and added forgiveness
  • Adjustable loft: Different loft settings assist to manage trajectory and fine-tune launch conditions; each loft is adjustable up to +/- 1.5 from the printed loft on the head

Price: £269


  • Absolute rocket launcher off the tee
  • Adjustable MyFly hosel allows you to fine-tune your ball flight and launch angle
  • Noticeably improved forgiveness compared to the LTDx of 2022
  • A more affordable price point than its direct competitors


  • Not a fan of the glossy finish at address, it's a little off-putting, but some golfers may like it.
  • Not as easy to strike cleanly off the fairway as other models

Cobra has consistently delivered excellent distance and forgiveness with its fairway woods, and the AeroJet had big boots to fill after the success of last year's LTDx range. Thankfully the designers over at Cobra weren't messing about when they created the AeroJet, and the results from our testing prove that there is always room for improvement. 

The first thing that we should mention is distance. Off the tee, the AeroJet is an absolute monster, and against tough competition, it came out as the longest fairway wood we have tested this year. Thanks to the PWR-Bridge Weighting, the centre of gravity has been moved lower and further forward in the club, resulting in an incredibly hot feel of the face and outstanding distance. 

While distance is considered king by a lot of people, feel and forgiveness are also key considerations when buying a new fairway wood. Thankfully the AeroJet delivered in those two categories too. The club feels fantastic, and after hitting it only a few times, it was incredibly confidence-inspiring. Even when hit out of the toe or heel, you got the feeling that the ball would never stray too far from the fairway. 

The forgiveness on offer was superb off the tee, but we did notice when playing from the fairway the AeroJet was a touch harder to catch clean than we would like. This might say more about our ability to flush a 3-wood off the deck than the club itself, but when compared to the competition, we struggled to replicate the same consistent launch and trajectory that we achieved off the tee. 

The look of the club is something that we thought was the only other notable downside. We are big fans of the white and black sole with blue detailing, but the gloss finish on the crown we found to be a little off-putting when stood over the ball. Of course, this is all personal taste, and we would highly recommend hitting it yourself before taking our word as gospel.

In summary, the AeroJet is a powerhouse fairway wood that is particularly potent off the tee. Feel, forgiveness and adjustability are also guaranteed, and despite not being completely convinced in the looks department, we highly recommend you head to your nearest supplier and give it a hit for yourself. 

The AeroJet woods have been a popular choice on Tour recently, with high-profile players, including Justin Rose and Matthew Fitzpatrick, both choosing to put them in the bag at the 151st Open at Royal Liverpool.


4. PING G430 Max Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • Carbonfly Wrap Technologya lightweight composite material that covers the crown and wraps into the heel/toe sections of the skirt; this lighter structure dramatically saves 10g of weight and lowers the centre of gravity position for more ball speed performance
  • FaceWrap Technology: variable-thickness, high-strength maraging steel face wraps into the sole and crown of the stainless steel head, generating more flexing for faster ball speed and a higher launch for greater distance
  • Variable Role Radius with Spinsistency: improves performance across the face (especially on thin shots) by reducing spin to increase ball speed from the maraging steel face
  • Tungsten Sole Weight: features a tungsten back weight that further expands perimeter weighting to ensure even more forgiveness for increased confidence in the tee box or on the fairway
  • Trajectory Tuning 2.0 Hosel: adjusts to eight different positions to customise your trajectory for maximum distance and accuracy

Price: £329


  • Incredible forgiveness time and time again
  • Very easy to hit off the deck 
  • Far nicer sound than the G425
  • Confidence inspiring look behind the ball


  • Quite hard to flight down, but a custom fitting will help

The entire PING G430 range of fairway woods performed excellently in testing, but our favourite of the bunch was the PING G430 Max. One of the easiest three woods we've ever had the pleasure of hitting, the G430 Max's biggest strength is its consistent forgiveness. 

Having admittedly hit some squiffy shots during testing, we were amazed at how often the G430 would manage to not only retain distance but also keep the ball flight high and relatively straight. 

One thing we particularly liked was due to the shallow profile the club face has, it sits fairly flush to the ground, which visually makes hitting it off the deck a lot less intimidating. 

We also noticed that the G430 was the best fairway wood we tested for hitting out of the first cut of rough.

Suited for players of all handicaps, the added forgiveness on offer makes it an ideal fit for high handicappers in search of assistance from both the tee and the fairway. Probably the easiest fairway wood to hit out of all tested, the only thing to slightly let the club down was distance. While it's not especially short, compared to the Cobra AeroJet there is certainly room for a bit of improvement.

We were huge fans of the look of the PING G425 fairway wood, and the brand's designers have outdone themselves in managing to create a club we think is even better looking. 

The carbon crown has a beautiful matte finish that eradicates any unwanted glare when standing over the ball, while the neon green accents at the back of the crown give the club head a fresh modern look. 


5. Srixon ZX MKII Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • Rebound Frame: increases ball speed and distance on every strike
  • Cannon Sole: dynamic, floating weight pad moves the weight right where you want it without reducing COR, optimising launch while also allowing space for improved face flex and ball speed. Especially helpful for shots struck low
  • Carbon Crown: repositions mass low and pushes MOI up for increased forgiveness on every shot

Price: £249


  • Easy to launch from a wide variety of different lies
  • Really tight offline dispersion from poor strikes 
  • Large club head promotes confidence at address


  • Not the best performer for distance in the category

One of the easiest fairway woods to get in the air, the Srixon ZX MKII is a high handicapper's dream, as it proved time and time again to have no trouble creating a high-launching ball flight. 

Even when we were hitting the wood off the deck, you could feel the Cannon Sole working hard to launch the ball high from strikes low on the club face. This also came in handy when we tested the club from the first cut of rough, with the ZX MKII passing that test with flying colours too.

In terms of distance, the ZX MKII was in the middle of the pack and doesn't offer record-breaking ball speeds, but it makes up for this with its aforementioned versatility and forgiveness, which you could argue is more important for this particular category.

With regard to feel, we couldn't fault Srixon's newest model. The club provided plenty of feedback across the face and produced a satisfying noise at impact.

One of the biggest heads we tested at 170cc, it offers instant appeal and reassurance stood over the ball. While better players may look for something a bit more compact, the club head also frames the ball beautifully.

The crown of the club is one of the more unique designs we tested, with a noticeable step down from just behind the face to the main body of the head. We're personally a fan of the look, and the step-down blends nicely into a matte black body with a subtle carbon underlay which gives the club a nice premium look.  


6. Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • Active Recoil Channel: flexes at impact to maximise ball speed and distance while maintaining forgiveness.
  • Variable Thickness Face Insert: designed to enhance ball speed and forgiveness across the entire face.
  • Adjustable SureFit Hosel: allows for loft and lie angle adjustments, enabling customisation to match your swing characteristics and desired ball flight.

Price: £289


  • The best looking fairway wood we've tested
  • Powerful feel at impact
  • Lower CG produces a lovely high ball flight


  • Definitely more forgiving fairway woods on the market

Dripping with visual appeal, the Titleist TSR2 fairway wood is part of Titleist's speed project, with the clue being in the name, ball-speed was high on the priority list for the American club manufacturer.

Performing admirably in terms of distance and ball-speed, the fairway wood also launched nice and high, thanks to the lower CG now on offer. Despite having one of the more compact head sizes compared to its competition, we found sat behind the ball; the head was more appealing to the eye, in part due to the new white groove lines that span the whole width of the club face. While only a small detail, the lines highlight the loft of the club nicely, giving you added confidence in being able to launch the ball high. 

Producing a nice understated crack of the club face, the sound pairs nicely with the solid feel you get. As we have typically come to expect from Titleist, the feel at impact is right up there as one of the best on the market. 

One of our favourite aspects of the TSR2 is undoubtedly the looks. In true Titleist style, classic, sleek and understated aesthetics are what you get, and we absolutely love them. The crown is a simple black gloss finish with a TSR alignment marker, but the sole is where it scored really highly with us. 

Opting to remove the grey panels that we saw on the TSi2 and replace them with black, the sole has a really sleek and sophisticated look, paired with the minimal branding, the TSR2 is definitely the sexiest-looking fairway wood we have tested.

While ball speed, distance and ease of launch were all big ticks for us, the only area we think there is room for improvement is forgiveness. Ball speed was nicely retained across the whole face, but the smaller head size did result in dispersion that was bettered by its competitors.


7. Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • High MOI Head Design: 12-gram rear weight to produce a higher moment of inertia, delivering forgiveness and higher launch angles for consistent distance performance
  • Dynapower AI Face: for even faster ball speed over the entire area of the face, providing more performance on miss-hit strikes
  • Advanced Tour-Inspired Shape: inspired by input from tour players during testing, resulting in a flatter head profile for a cleaner look at address position.

Price: £199


  • Plenty of firepower off the face
  • Easy launch from a range of different lies
  • Tour-inspired head shape
  • Great value for money


  • Not the most forgiving fairway wood we tested
  • Lacks adjustability but a custom fitting can sort that out

The Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood is a highly recommended option for better players looking to improve their ball speed. It offers excellent pop off the face and is easy to launch from various lies. While it provides forgiveness, it is better suited for skilled ball strikers who can take full advantage of its features. Although adjustability is limited, a custom fitting can address individual preferences.

The fairway wood has a high MOI head design with a 12-gram rear weight, resulting in forgiveness and higher launch angles for consistent distance. The Dynapower AI Face delivers faster ball speed across the entire face, enhancing performance on miss-hit strikes. The club features an advanced tour-inspired shape with a flatter head profile for a cleaner look at address.

In terms of looks and feel, the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood impresses with its dark satin finish, absence of gloss on the crown, and red line framing the back of the head. The club has a classy design with the Dynapower and Wilson Staff logos. It sits nicely behind the ball, offering a shallow face that hugs the ground.

In terms of performance, the fairway wood excels in ball speed and distance. It produces impressive numbers and offers a pleasing ball flight from different lies. The 12g weight in the rear enhances the MOI and facilitates a higher launch. While it is not the most forgiving option, its forgiveness is above average for offline dispersion.

Better players will particularly appreciate the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood due to its appearance, fast ball speed, and value for money. It performs well on centre hits, launches the ball easily, and provides significant distance. Considering its competitive price compared to other top fairway woods, it is highly recommended for those seeking a powerful and versatile option. Custom fitting can further optimise its performance to suit individual needs.


8. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo

Key Features:

  • XL Head Design: The bigger head gives an MOI of 1,200 gcm2 - add that forgiveness to a high launch from low-and-deep weighting, and the Cleveland Launcher XL offers maximum distance with maximum fun.
  • Gliderail: Twin rails along the sole of the club help keep the face straight through impact for optimal ball striking.
  • Rebound Frame: Alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity direct more energy into the golf ball for increased ball speed and distance on every shot.
  • Hi-Bore Crown Step: The stepped crown drops the centre of gravity for high-launching shots.
  • Action Mass CB: An 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip delivers better balanced for more control without extra effort.

Price: £199


  • Excellent forgiveness on offer
  • Very easy to get airborne
  • Head inspires confidence over the ball
  • Ideal club for game improvers or higher handicap players


  • Very high spinning
  • Really loud sound at impact

An incredibly easy-to-hit fairway wood that offers bags of forgiveness at an affordable price point, the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo is the perfect fairway wood for game improvers or high-handicap players.

Sat behind the ball, the Launcher XL Halo looks lovely at address, with the large 190cc head possessing more of a mini-driver look than that of a 3-wood. The matte finish on the crown of the club is also very aesthetically pleasing, with a nice alignment aid and classic Hibore crown step adding finer details to a very good-looking club head.

In terms of performance, this fairway wood is as good at getting airborne as a Harrier Jump Jet. We had absolutely no trouble at all hitting high straight shots with the Launcher Xl Halo, and the forgiveness on poor strikes was also excellent with very tight offline dispersion. 

While the ball flight and spin rates were too high for our liking, they would be ideal for high handicap players, which this club is designed for. 

Due to the increased spin rates, this was by no means the longest club we tested and ranked lower down the pecking order during our testing, but it's fair to say the forgiveness on offer was up there with the very best.

The one big negative we noted during our testing was the sound this club made at impact. The Launcher XL Halo was by far the loudest wood we tested, and the noise could be a little off-putting. This should be expected due to the extra size of the club head but worth hearing for yourself before handing over your hard-earned cash.

With excellent value for money and ease of launch, the Cleveland Launcher Xl Halo should certainly be one to consider for players looking for a club that's easy to hit high and straight time and time again. 


9. MacGregor V Foil Speed Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • High MOI: designed for increased stability on each strike
  • Easy launch: confidence inspiring profile at address and a shallow face design for increased launch from a variety of lies
  • Superb turf interaction: engineered sole for increased ball speeds and distance with minimised chances of chunking shots
  • Forgiveness: expanded sweet spot for greater forgiveness on off-centre hits
  • Explosive ball speed: ultra-thin face for increased ball speed and added distance

Price: £84.95


  • Solid distance off the tee
  • Looks superb at address with a nice matte finish
  • Superb value for money


  • Not the easiest fairway wood to hit off the deck
  • You do sacrifice a nice feel and sound as a result of the price

The MacGregor V Foil Speed fairway wood is the ideal fit for high-handicap players and golf beginners looking for forgiveness at an affordable price. The wood offers solid distance and dispersion, particularly from the tee box, with a loss of only 10 yards when compared to more premium models on offer. At a third of the price of its competitors, the forgiveness from off-centre strikes we experienced during testing was also really impressive. 

Feel and versatility were two areas where we did notice a bit of a drop-off for the V Foil. We struggled to hit the wood cleanly off the fairway due to its large head size, with something more compact being the preferable profile for this particular shot. While the face provided a nice springy feel, it didn't feel quite as solid as its competitors, with the noise at impact also being a little harsh. While notable, these negatives are only a small price to pay for the excellent performance benefits on offer for high-handicap players. 

The V Foil Speed has a superb appearance at address thanks to a matte finish that reduces glare in the sun, while the graphics on the crown and clean white scorelines enhance the visual appeal. The small triangle alignment aid is also a nice addition allowing you to square the face up nicely at address. 

Overall, the MacGregor V Foil Speed fairway wood offers fantastic value for money, especially when compared to higher-end alternatives. While it may not match the performance of premium clubs like the Cobra AeroJet, it provides a cost-effective option for high-handicap players and beginners who prioritise forgiveness and affordability. Taking into account the current cost-of-living crisis, this wood is well worth considering.

10. Benross Delta X Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • CT Face Design: incorporates variable face thickness for increased ball speeds across the entire face
  • Stability bar: ensures maximum energy transfer through the centre of the club for enhanced distance performance
  • New alignment design: aimed at providing a confidence-inspiring look at address

Price: £149 £119


  • Excellent distance for fast swing-speed players
  • Great value


  • Gloss finish crown was not quite to our taste
  • Not best suited to slow to moderate swing speeds

The Benross Delta X Fairway Wood is designed to produce optimal distance and spin rates for high-swing speed players. 

A newly designed CT-face incorporates variable face thickness to optimise ball speed across the whole face and we were pleasantly surprised to see the club perform well even when not struck out of the middle.

While not the most forgiving in terms of dispersion, the Delta X produced good distance numbers that were competitive for the price point. 

In terms of looks, we don't generally like a glossy finish on the crown, but the alignment aid certainly made you feel like you were lined up square to the ball, and this could benefit a lot of players who may struggle to set up correctly at address.

The sole of the club features quite a busy design that may not suit every golfer's taste, but we are big fans of the red, black and grey colourway.

If distance and good value are what you are looking for, then the Delta X could be the ideal choice for you. It doesn't quite offer the same performance benefits as the Cobra Aerojet or the PING G430, but at almost a third of the price, it's an excellent option for those hunting for a bargain. 

11. Benross Aero Fairway Wood

Key Features:

  • CT Face Design: incorporates variable face thickness for increased ball speeds across the entire face
  • Deep CG Position: a deeper centre of gravity designed to promote improved launch characteristics

Price: £139 £109


  • Very easy to get airborne
  • Very affordable price point


  • Will produce too much spin for players who generate a lot of speed at impact

The Benross Aero is an ultralight fairway wood that is designed to launch the ball high for improved carry distance. 

Suited best to beginners and players with a low to moderate swing speed, the Aero performed admirably off both the tee and the fairway during our testing. The wood provides a lovely high launch, and you can really feel the ball spring off the face at impact. 

While there are certainly longer woods on the market, the Aero is an ideal choice for golfers looking for help in getting the ball airborne.

The shallow profile of the club gives it an appealing look at address, and we really liked how flush it lay to the fairway, giving us plenty of confidence to launch the ball effectively. 

At £109, the Aero is a very affordable option, and if you are just starting out in the game, it could be an ideal weapon to add to the bag for tight tee shots and long par-5s

Things you need to consider when buying a new fairway wood


Fairway woods come in a variety of different head sizes, with each suiting a different type of player and skill level. More compact woods tend to suit players who prefer to shape the ball, and a smaller profile behind the ball can often be considered more aesthetically pleasing,

Larger heads tend to offer increased forgiveness with a more confidence-inspiring look at address. 

Size matters, so be sure to find a head size that fits your game but also your eye.

2. LOFT 

Loft refers to the angle of the face in relation to the vertical, and it's a key consideration when purchasing a new fairway wood, with the majority of brands offering a range that typically includes 3, 5 and 7 woods. Each will come with its own set of characteristics, so choosing the right one for your needs is vital. 

Ranging from a typical 3-wood loft of 15 degrees to 7-woods that come in around the 20-22 degree mark, the difference in distance and versatility on offer is broad. When choosing your fairway wood, it's always key to consider what type of shot you want to hit, as the loft will be of paramount importance to get the results you desire. 

A lower lofted club will produce a more piercing ball flight for more distance, while the increased loft of a 5 or 7-wood will help you get the ball airborne with greater ease, while typically landing a little softer at the same time. 


The two varieties of adjustability to consider when buying a fairway wood are weight and loft. 

Movable weights can be a handy tool to fine-tune both the centre of gravity and moment of inertia of your wood, with The TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus being a perfect example of this. 

Moving weight forward in the club head will results in a more piercing ball flight and increased distance while adding weight to the back of the club will promote increased spin, higher launch and improved forgiveness.

Some clubs also offer weights that can be adjusted for ball shaping. Additional weight at the toe of a club will create more draw bias while moving weight closer to the heel will favour a fade. 


Getting the correct shaft in your fairway wood is of equal importance to getting the right head. With a wide variety of weights and flexes available to suit different swing speeds, we highly recommend heading to your nearest fitting studio to ensure you have the correct setup to suit your swing. 

Using lighter, less stiff shafts will produce a higher, right-to-left biased ball flight, while heavier, stiff shafts will launch the ball lower with a higher tendency to shape the ball to the right.

Most manufacturers will offer drivers in regular (R), stiff (S) and extra stiff (XS) shaft flexes.

Other flexes include light or ladies flex (L), senior (A) and more extra stiff options (XXS, XXXS).


Fairway woods are versatile tools that can be used for a wide variety of different shot types. Whether you're looking for something to offer a little added accuracy off the tee, or a tool to help you reach long par-5s in two, the wide variety of fairway woods on the market can suit every golfers needs

3-wood: An ideal fall back for when the driver is misbehaving off the tee, with only a small drop off in distance it can often be a more accurate alternative for tight fairways and second shots into long par-5s.

5-wood: A higher launching, softer landing alternative to a long iron, 5-woods offer a larger club face which may benefit players who struggle to produce adequate ball-speed with a four or five iron.

7-wood: Becoming ever more popular on the PGA Tour, 7-woods offer excellent stopping power on greens thanks their high launch and increased spin. The large club head also provides plenty of forgiveness and makes them easy to hit from the tee, fairway or even the rough.

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