Donald Trump asks government to bail out golf courses

Bloomberg report claims Trump Organisation is "seeking financial aid" on three of its golf courses in Scotland and Ireland...

Donald Trump asks government to bail out golf courses
Donald Trump asks government to bail out golf courses

United States president Donald Trump is reportedly asking both UK and Irish governments to bail out his golf courses in Scotland and Ireland that are struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Bloomberg.

The report claims the Trump Organisation is looking to furlough workers at its Scottish courses Trump Turnberry and Trump International, as well as its Irish course at Doonbeg resort. 

Donald Trump asks government to bail out golf courses

The company is seeking financial help from the UK and Irish governments as it is legally barred from seeking any government aid in the United States. 

The Trump Organisation, with the day-to-day running of the business left in the hands of Trump's two eldest sons Donald and Eric, was barred by Congress from seeking relief from the $500 billion rescue fund being administered by the Treasury Department.

"The vast majority of our staff have been laid off in the wake of the pandemic," Doonbeg resort managing director Joe Russell told Bloomberg News.

"We are ensuring they are looked after in terms of the government schemes that are available."

Sarah Malone, executive vice president of the Trump resort in Aberdeenshire, said: "Like millions of businesses around the globe, we have been forced by government mandate to temporarily close our hospitality and leisure facilities."

According to a Daily Mail report, Trump's firm is losing in the region of $1 million per day. 

The Telegraph reports: "Critics questioned whether it was right for the UK and Irish taxpayers to pick up the bill, but figures at the golf courses argued it had every right to help employees impacted by the crunch."

Donald Trump asks government to bail out golf courses

The UK government has confirmed more than 140,000 firms have applied for help to pay their wage bill through their job retention scheme, with the programme funding 80% of workers' wages up to £2,500 a month if they are put on leave. 

Public reports claim that Trump International in DC has furloughed 237 employees without pay during the pandemic.

Trump hotels have furloughed 296 employees in Chicago, 552 employees in Las Vegas, and 70 in New York.

Trump Organisation golf clubs have also furloughed 102 workers in Virginia, 117 in Los Angeles, and 560 at Trump National Doral Miami.


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