Dubai Golf rolls out VIYA rewards app to international audience

Dubai Golf announces official roll out of YIYA to international audiences.

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Wed, 28 Jun 2023
Dubai Golf rolls out VIYA rewards app to international audience

Dubai Golf has officially rolled out VIYA to international audiences, it was announced on Monday.

VIYA allows customers, both in the UAE and all around the world, to book world-class golf, dining, experiences, spas, and more at venues in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

It is a one-stop-shop for those both in and visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The platform offers golf bookings and seasonal promotions at Dubai Golf’s world-class golf venues: Emirates Golf Club, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, Yas Links, Yas Acres, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, Topgolf Dubai, and more.

VIYA also has a variety of dining offerings at a plethora of restaurants and all the pro shops located at each of the Dubai Golf clubs. It can also be used to book spa days and treatments, as well as individual or recurring fitness experiences.

VIYA has been designed to reward customer loyalty, by offering 1 UAE Dirham - the local currency - back for every 10 UAE Dirhams spent at a Dubai Golf venue and all of the other venues on the app – for a 10% rewards programme.

Whether it be in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, earned rewards on the platform can be redeemed at any other VIYA venue – which includes all restaurants, golf courses, pro shops, spas, gyms, beaches, and at Topgolf.

Christopher May, the CEO of Dubai Golf - which is an operator of VIYA - said:

“VIYA really is the go-to platform for booking golf, leisure activities, and dining in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It contains the very best of what the area has to offer and features a number of fantastic promotions every week. We also created VIYA with the goal of rewarding our users. We’re delighted that with every purchase, users earn rewards in UAE Dirhams that can then be redeemed at other VIYA venues, no matter which they choose to visit.”

He added:

“While VIYA is a brilliant platform for residents to enjoy, it is now very much a tool that visitors and holidaymakers can utilise during their stay. It’s the easiest way to book tee times, dinners, and leisure experiences, and the rewards can be redeemed instantly, allowing visitors to benefit from them during their visit.”

VIYA has evolved from its original form as a golf bookings app for members of Dubai Golf clubs, to now a fully servicing booking portal for activities and experiences throughout the region.

It also includes a variety of partners from outside the Dubai Golf business, to further enhance the user experience and create a broader offering for customers.

VIYA has already acquired more than 120,000 users in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and visitors from around the world can now utilise the platform as well.

VIYA is free to download, which can be done at any mobile app store. To explore VIYA, head to:

For more information on Dubai Golf, head to:

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