Nearly HALF of Europe's golf courses have closed due to COVID-19

More than 4,000 golf courses in Europe have temporarily closed, according to a Bunkered report. 

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Thu, 19 Mar 2020
Nearly HALF of Europe's golf courses have closed due to COVID-19

Nearly HALF of all of Europe's golf courses have been forced into temporary closure due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to

The report claims "at least 4,121 of Europe's 8,940 courses are currently in lockdown - 46.1%."


Germany has made the biggest move to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on golf courses by closing all of its 1,050 layouts, stating "play operations on golf courses are forbidden nationwide."

A number of other European countries have also followed suit such as France, Italy, Spain and Holland. 

While a growing number of courses are temporarily closing in the United Kingdom this week, golf is still being encouraged but with a warning according to UK chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, who said "it's okay to play - if you keep a distance."

He added: "We’re not asking everyone to be completely isolated. The specific advice is to avoid close contact. A walk is OK if you keep a distance."

Reports have filtered into us this week of numerous golf club closures, or golf clubs keeping their courses open open for play but closing their clubhouses.

A number of golf courses in the UK have gone as far to urge golfers not to touch the flag on any of the holes in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and bunker rakes have also been removed

Approximately 2 million people play golf each week in the UK.

The loss of their recreational activity, social discussions and time spent with friends and partners walking in fresh air will be lost and could have serious unnecessary long-term effects on the health, physical and mental wellbeing of these golfers.