No buggy? Take the travelator!

German golf club installs conveyor belt on steep hill

No buggy? Take the travelator!

It’s not usual to be left worn out after several holes of a round on a hilly course but golfers at Schloss Auel Golf Club were wearing after just one, because the walk from the first green to second tee covered a daunting 90 vertical metres.

However, the club near Cologne in Germany, have solved the problem with a 150-metre travelator dubbed ‘The Magic Carpet’. The contraption cost nearly £200,000 and has been a huge hit with members, according to club manager Werner Witte.

“They absolutely love it!” he declared. “We have all sorts of members but of course the elderly especially appreciate it. We have a lot of people who like to walk and you always had to catch your breath when you got up there to the second tee.

“We have quite a hilly golf course and saw that this kind of thing  used at ski resorts so thought maybe we can adapt it for the golf course. A company who came, they measured, installed and there it is.”

We've heard there are courses in Wales where a fourball has to be roped together! Tell us on the forum about a course you use that could do with a similar device.

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