Best Golf Balls 2022 | Get some handy savings with American Golf

Save yourself some money on the best golf balls of 2022, including the Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5 and Tiger Woods' Bridgestone Tour B XS. 

Best Golf Balls 2022 | Get some handy savings with American Golf
Best Golf Balls 2022 | Get some handy savings with American Golf

American Golf have got some cracking savings on the best golf balls on the market right now, including Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5 and Tiger Woods' Bridgestone Tour B XS. 

GolfMagic has picked out seven of its favourite deals on the best golf balls of 2022.

We have picked out what we consider the best balls from Titleist, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Callaway and Srixon. 

Some are aimed at better golfers, while others are better suited for the game improvers among you. 

Each of the deals below are for a dozen box of balls. 

If you like what you see in the list below, simply click on the link to purchase and head to checkout. 

Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is designed to deliver even longer distance, more greenside spin and control, plus a softer feel.

  • Reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Core
  • Faster Casing Layer
  • Spherically-Tiled 388 Tetrahedral Dimple Design
  • Softer Cast Urethane Elastomer Cover

£50 £44.99

Srixon Q-Star Tour

You don’t have to swing as fast as a tour pro to get the benefits associated with playing a tour ball. Srixon have calibrated their all-new Q-STAR TOUR to fit your moderate swing speed. It has the distance you need to get ahead of your competition and greenside spin to attack tough pins. It’s also soft thanks to lower compression, so you don’t need the swing of a titan to make it work.

  • Speed Dimples
  • FastLayer Core
  • Spin Skin
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern

£34.99 £29.99

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Triple Track

The new Chrome Soft is now even better with Precision Technology. Designed for the amateur to major players seeking more distance performance, forgiveness, and soft feel around the greens.

  • Precision Technology
  • Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core
  • Tour Aero
  • Triple Track Technology

£50 £44.99

TaylorMade TP5 pix 2.0

This is TaylorMade`s most complete golf ball, designed with a new tour-flight dimple pattern which helps the ball to carry longer in the air for improved distance performance. Plus improved high-colour contrast graphics to improve alignment and provide instant feedback response on every putt.

  • Better Alignment / New Tour Flight Dimple Pattern
  • Tri-Fast Core / Urethane Cover
  • 5-Layer Construction
  • Maximum Distance & Spin Control

£49.99 £41.99

Srixon AD333

The popular 2-piece AD333 has been further improved for even more performance, with FastLayer Core and Spin Skin with SeRM to give you exceptional distance, feel, and short game control.

  • FastLayer Core
  • Spin Skin with SeRM
  • Advanced Aerodynamics (mid-high flight trajectory)
  • Lower-Compression

£27 £22.99

Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Tiger Woods Edition

These top-level golf balls offer a distinct advantage over other competitors. So much so that this is the golf ball Tiger Woods uses on Tour, and even has his stamp (TIGER) on the cover.

  • Gradational Compression Core
  • Seamless Cover Technology
  • Dual Dimple Technology
  • New REACTIV Urethane Cover


TaylorMade TP5

This is TaylorMade`s most complete golf ball, engineered with 5-layers which include a new Tour flight dimple pattern to maximise carry distance and a larger reactive core.

  • Larger More Reactive Core
  • Dual-Spin Cover
  • 5-Layer Construction
  • Tour Flight Dimple Pattern

£49.99 £39.99

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