PuttOUT launch Limited Edition range to celebrate The Masters

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Tue, 29 Mar 2022
PuttOUT launch Limited Edition range to celebrate The Masters

To celebrate golf’s first major championship of the year being just weeks away, London-based golf company PuttOUT are excited to announce the launch of their limited edition colourway.

Drawing inspiration from one of golf’s most famous tournaments, the range consists of PuttOUT’s award-winning Premium Trainer, Medium Mat and Mirror and Gate Set in a beautiful yellow, white and green colourway.

Speaking about the range, Andy Clift, Director at PuttOUT, said: "When the best in the world gather for this prestigious tournament, I think most people feel the golf season is well and truly underway.

"To celebrate not only one of the most iconic tournaments in the world but the excitement from our customers about the season ahead, it’s really enjoyable for us!"

The Premium Pressure Putt Trainer will retail at (£29.99/$39.99/€34.99/CAN 54.99), the Medium Mat at (£69.99/$89.99/€79.99/CAN 129.99) and the Mirror & Gate Set at (£49.99/$74.99/€59.99/CAN 99.99).

Check out the range of products below, and if you like what you see simply click on the link to purchase and head to checkout. 





PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat

  • For any golfer a home putting set-up is an essential training tool, and the PuttOut Putting Mat makes practice enjoyable, effective and easy to fit into your day wherever you are.
  • Constructed with a durable, heavy-rubber backing to allow the mat to lie smooth and flat on any surface, easily roll the mat away and into the compact carry bag for practice on the go.
  • The cut-pile surface is designed to accurately replicate a medium-to-fast green, with a stim meter reading of 10.
  • Printed alignment guides, target points and distance markings which allow you to practice with just a putter and a ball.
  • The putting mat is compatible with any flat putting cup, but for best results use with the revolutionary PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer for the ultimate putting practice set-up.

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

  • The PuttOUT Mirror helps you work on alignment and positioning while putting. With this pack you can setup all of the best putting drills.
  • Set the width of the magnetic putter guides on the mirror to check your alignment and address position.
  • Your putter is the most used club in the bag by improving your putting and reducing the number of putts per round you will dramatically improve your score.
  • PuttOUT mirror comes with a stand-alone 50mm putting gate allowing you to actively work on your strike path and target by having the putter pass through the guide.
  • Mirror measures 24 x 20 x 0.5 cm with durable rubber casing with spikes on underside to keep in place without tees.

PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, Perfect Your Golf Putting

  • PuttOUT have taken their original pressure putt trainer to another level with improved features, including; multi targets, high visibility micro target and alignment stick support.
  • The three smaller dot targets allow the player to focus in and use them either as another common target — especially for those who prefer to aim towards the back of the cup on putts, but can also be used to allow the player to adjust to slight breaks of the putting surface in their practice.
  • The introduction of a new, ideally more visible ‘pop-down’ target is based on feedback from golfers noting they would sometimes “lose the aim point” from their standing position and eye angle when the micro-target was in the ‘open’ position. Improved with a new clearly visible target for the perfect putt.
  • Addition of an alignment stick holder towards the top of the trainer’s ramp. The be paired with the player’s existing alignment stick setup, replicating the 'String Drill.'
  • This training aid is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green by its ground-breaking parabolic curved design, with each successful putt being returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed - great feedback for getting the pace just right.

PuttOUT Limited Edition Golf Tournament Inspired Studio - Perfect your putting

  • Medium Putting Mat - Printed with markings up to 6', alignment lines and pace targets, the PuttOUT Putting Mat is designed to give you the opportunity to practice every aspect of your putting game from wherever you feel most comfortable.
  • Premium Trainer - The key to great putting is practice and with PuttOUT you really can take that practice anywhere. With a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp, each made putt is returned to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed, anything else is a miss. Only putts of absolute perfection will hold in the micro-target, so let the practice begin.
  • Putting Mirror & Gate Set - In a compact three-layer design, the PuttOUT Putting Mirror comprises an anti-scratch coating, a solid steel inner plate to prevent warping and breakage, and a spiked-base rubber surround, holding the mirror in place wherever you choose to grind.
  • Indoor Studio - Create your own unique putting studio with a superb collection of 3 products to practice your putting drills and lower your score.
  • Great Gift - Perfect for any level of golfer. With simple drills to improve our game to challenging yourself with the perfect putt.