Tour pro rants about Brian Harman's Open win: "I hope this is a lesson"

English tour pro Eddie Pepperell ranted about 'lazy' golf broadcasters as he discussed Brian Harman's Open Championship victory.

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Mon, 31 Jul 2023
Tour pro rants about Brian Harman's Open win: "I hope this is a lesson"

English tour pro Eddie Pepperell went on a rant during the latest instalment of The Chipping Forecast as he dissected Brian Harman's victory at the 151st Open Championship. 

Harman lifted the Claret Jug on 23 July, becoming the sixth American to win the Open by six or more shots. 

Why we are referencing his margin of victory is important. That nugget of info was pointed out by golf stats guru Justin Ray as the final major of the year played out. 

Ray, as he always does, was on hand with some interesting facts throughout the week, putting into perspective how dominant Harman's win was.


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It has to be said Harman's win has, on the whole, not been well received by golf fans. 

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Pepperell reckons there is a failure on behalf of golf broadcast teams and journalists who could have made Harman's victory more captivating at the time.

"I'm just going to have a quick rant myself," Pepperell told Andrew Coltart and Iain Carter on The Chipping Forecast

He continued:

"The commentary teams, and this isn't necessarily directed at you Andrew [Coltart, Sky Sports commentator] because I know you do your research but they should have enough information on Brian Harman so that when he's leading the Open by five or six shots, they can generate a genuine narrative that's interesting that provides the audience - myself included - that makes us interested in his story. 
"Because we are so infatuated by just three or four guys in the game of professional golf... the people that are there to provide entertainment on the television do not have the ability to give the viewers, in my opinion, that experience. And that is a failure on their part."  

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Pepperell added:

"I hope this is a lesson. People need to be doing their research to Justin Ray's point and give us the viewers the narrative and the stories that are behind his game because it is interesting. That level of performance is interesting. We should know more about his coaching from Justin Parsons, his background, everything he does. I think that is a failure on a part of commentary teams." 

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